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Biodiversity: a Toolbox Talk

In this quick toolbox talk, we will review what biodiveristy is, why we need to be aware of it in the construction sector, and key species to be aware of if we find them on site.

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Local Ecological Footprinting Tool (LEFT)

Use the LEFT tool to get a spatial analysis of the key ecological indicators for a selected area of interest such as protected species, land use and vulnerability. You must register as a user on the LEFT site to use this tool and analysis is free for polygons under 3x3 decimal degrees.

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Working with Wildlife - Species Briefing Sheets for reptiles, water vole, great crested newts, dormice and bats

Provides background information on ecological aspects of the construction industry including detailed information on protected species.

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Towards a global map of natural capital: key ecosystem assets

UNEP report exploring global natural capital and ecosystem assets.

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