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What is the School?

A collaboration between clients, contractors and their supply chains.

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Welcome to the Supply Chain Sustainability School

Play the video to find out more about the Supply Chain Sustainability School – what it is, the key features and how it can benefit your business.

Welcome to the Supply Chain Sustainability School

What is the Supply Chain Sustainability School?

Launched in 2012, the Supply Chain Sustainability School is a FREE virtual learning platform around sustainability, with the aim to upskill those working within, or aspiring to work within, the built environment sector.

Our learning covers the three core pillars of Sustainability – environmental, social and economic – looking at key issues ranging from carbon management through to combatting modern slavery. But that isn’t all. We also offer training on key topics that will enable the industry to be more sustainable, including:

  • Offsite
  • Digital
  • Energy and Carbon
  • Management
  • Operational Excellence through Lean Thinking
  • Fairness Inclusion and Respect
  • Procurement

Membership is FREE and signing up is easy. Membership gives access to hundreds of engaging learning resources and CPD-accredited content.

Who is the School for?

Individual Learning

The School is accessible to anyone working in the built environment or aspiring to work in the sector.

Our overall vision is for “an industry where everyone will have the skills and knowledge to deliver a sustainable future.”

It is clear that Sustainability has become a vital topic for everyone working in our sector to incorporate into business and the School recognises that for our industry to act, learning must drive any change.

The School offers training and resources shaped by industry Partners and sector needs, which helps businesses prepare for upcoming challenges, respond to client requests and upskill their staff and supply chains.

Where do I start?

Start Self Assessment Benchmark Your Knowledge

Complete our free self assessment to get your bespoke action plan today.

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1. Sign up for free online

Registration takes about five minutes. Once logged into the School website, you have access to a growing number of free online resources for different sustainability topics, including Carbon & Net Zero, Community Impact, Biodiversity, Diversity & Inclusion, Waste/Circular Economy, Materials and Wellbeing.  Sign up now >>

2. Complete a confidential assessment

Complete an assessment as a team for your organisation, or simply as an individual. Corporate assessment responses should be representative of a business rather than an individual’s knowledge. Learn more >>

3. Access your action plan

Completing an assessment identifies gaps in your knowledge and will direct you to a bespoke individual learning plan – or organisation level action plan – with recommended resources tailored to kick-start your learning and enhance your business capability.

4. Track your progress

Re-assess at any time with new learning or action plans to support your journey of continuous improvement in sustainability. This provides an opportunity to illustrate your progress to clients.

5. Download your Bronze badge

Our bronze, silver and gold membership levels reflect how engaged your organisation is in the School. Include a membership badge in tenders, pitches, presentations, email signatures and other marketing materials. Complete a re-assessment within 12 months to attain Silver status.

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Members can enjoy free access to online learning, training workshops and CPD-accredited e-learning modules.
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