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Offsite Training

Offsite Manufacture

Bringing factory thinking to the construction process, to industrialise the way we build through the manufacture of completed modules or sub-assemblies offsite.

Factory thinking - industrialising the construction process

The Farmer Report calls for an increase in the Pre-Manufactured Value (PMV) within construction projects as a way to drive productivity and overcome skills shortages onsite.  Fundamentally we need to harness the benefits of building with a controlled environment using a repeatable process that is subject to continual improvement.

If that sounds familiar, it’s what engineering and automotive industries have been practising for years and has led to significant improvements in productivity, whilst construction has seen no increases over the last 25 years.

However, understanding where to start is really important. Our training sets out an offsite adoption hierarchy that enables organisations to consider what level of offsite is right for their organisation, their clients and the projects on which you work.

It’s not just as simple as saying ‘we need to use offsite’. Having made the decision to move offsite, we need to be more than a construction site in a shed. We need to adopt best in class manufacturing processes to unlock the benefits of offsite.

From the manufacturers perspective, an efficient process will reduce defects, rejects, scrap and decrease manufacturing time.  From a client’s perspective, offsite components ensure the delivery of a repeatable, consistent quality product on time to the end user.

Offsite Manufacture

5 key areas of learning for manufacturers

The School focuses on providing learning resources for manufacturers, not construction trades. We provide advice on industrialisation, control and the improvement of your production processes. The School looks at how manufacturing processes can be implemented in five elements;

  1. Good manufacturing practices
  2. Process controls
  3. Standard work
  4. Workplace organisation
  5. Standard management and performance

It should be noted that there is a lot of overlap in the skills and techniques that could be utilised onsite as well.  The key difference is that onsite process is project rather than production focused. You can find out more about the implications for onsite trades in our onsite processes section.

Latest offsite manufacturing resources

Free-to-access training, workshops, e-learning and videos for you to explore.

Management Capabilities
Offsite Manufacture
Management Capabilities
“A manufactured approach is typified by ‘continual improvement’ - the components are improved or expanded over time by incorporating lessons learnt and innovations in materials science and manufacturing processes.”
Jaimie Johnson, Architecture Board Director & Head of Global Systems, Bryden Wood

Offsite manufacturing case studies

View some of the latest case-studies from our Partners and members.

Key offsite topics

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