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Future Workforce

We recognise the need to engage the future workforce, and to help bridge the gap between industry and education.

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For us to enable a sustainable built environment, we must engage the future of it. We want to help bridge the gap between industry and education. 

The School now has a Future Workforce leadership group made up of leaders from across our partners committed to the Future Workforce agenda – those working in education institutions and industry.  

As a group, we have the opportunity to impact the skills landscape and the future of our workforce and industry as a whole.
We can work together to close the gap between education and industry. This can help educators deliver employer-led curriculums, and help industry access a more skilled and diverse workforce.
Moreover, this can truly enable young people, and adults returned to education, participate in a sustainable future – giving them the tools and opportunities to work sustainably in a just transition. 

This group of leaders met for the first time in October 2023, and is working on defining its goals and deliverables for the future.  

The task ahead is vast, but the group is committed to looking at what it can do within the model of the School, using its platform and ability to knowledge share, to: 

  • Engage industry and education to close the skills gap, and education-industry gap 
  • Develop and share best practice on workforce planning 
  • Develop and share best practice with industry engagement with education 
  • Collaborate on collective communication of workforce planning and skills requirements to education providers to help education providers deliver skills provision that matches industry need, and therefore create a more skilled future workforce 
  • Showcase existing resources from across industry used for future workforce engagement
  • Develop and disperse resources for education providers from industry, and for industry on working with education providers. 
  • Develop relationships within industry, and education providers 

Download an information pack here.

If you want to get involved, or know more, please contact [email protected]  

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