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Change Management

Change management is a process by which an organisations may adopt a new way of thinking or working.

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Adopting a new way of thinking or working

Successfully managing change can help your business deal with the cultural and process challenges that go alongside this and embed new ways of thinking or working into your organisation so that they considered “business as usual”.

Facilitating change is an essential management competency for business success; whether our task is to drive new sustainability skills and standards into our organisations, to radically re-think the way that we do business, or simply to change behaviours in our teams – we are constantly looking to stay ahead of the trend.

BIM People

It is essential that, as leaders and managers, we have the ability to make change happen within our organisations.

The five principles of Leading Change are:

  1. Inspiring Change
  2. Communication of Change
  3. Change Creates Emotion
  4. Change is Complex
  5. Facilitate Change

The School’s resource library is packed with resources that will help you to understand these principles and how they might apply to your business. We’d recommend that you start with our e-learning module – Change Management.

Change Management: Challenges of Sustainability in the FM Sector

Hear how FM has embraced change management to provide the best and most sustainable service offer.

Change Management: Challenges of Sustainability in the FM Sector

Latest change management resources

Here are a select number of key change management resources. To view the full resource library for change management, please click "all resources".

Change Management
Change Management
Change Management
Change Management
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