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Wellbeing Group

Collaborating to scale wellbeing and welfare improvement in the built environment.

Supporting the industry to enhance the wellbeing of our workforce and our community and drive positive culture change

The School’s wellbeing group is an industry collaboration that brings together our partners, stakeholders and organisations from across the supply chain

Together we are dedicated to providing education and support to those in need whether this is through signposting or through developing our training programme.   

Furthermore, we aim to work collaboratively to promote a more proactive and preventative approach to workforce wellbeing across the built environment and to drive long term culture change within the industry, to promote equality, diversity, inclusion and respect that will ultimately promote construction as a career choice for the next generation. 

Our mission however is multifaceted: to confront the workforce wellbeing crisis head-on within the industry whilst also simultaneously promoting the wellbeing of our communities through taking a wide-angle view of wellbeing, highlighting where wellbeing is impacted at different points in the value chain, from planning and design, material sourcing and manufacture, construction and building management.

It is only by understanding and responding to challenges across the value chain, that we will stand a fighting chance of transitioning to a just, equitable, climate-resilient future. 

2023/2024 Wellbeing Group Update

To learn more about the group’s targets and objectives for 2023/2024, download the Business Plan here. 

Download the plan

2023/2024 Wellbeing Group Update

Group Activities:

Discover what the Wellbeing group is working on.

Wellbeing in the Built Environment




Read our report from the Supply Chain Sustainability School Wellbeing Special Interest Group on Wellbeing in the Built Environment.

Read the Report

Wellbeing – Sustainability Short




These days there’s a lot of talk about wellbeing and how it’s important. But what is wellbeing and why should you be bothered about it?

Watch Here

Make It Visible Portal

The Group has been working collaboratively with Lighthouse construction industry charity and Mates in Mind on the Make It Visible project, organising and delivering the industry launch of the new web portal in May. This portal will be the key vehicle to build awareness, signpost and give access to all the available HELPLINE services and pinpoint all the Beacons. www.makeitvisible.info has been launched and is currently being communicated to all sectors of our industry. The group will be continuing to work closely with Mates in Mind to drive positive culture change in the industry.

The Group have set up a focus group to better understand and map other industry initiatives (including other working groups/steering groups/stakeholders/influencers/charters/standards).

As we continue our collaborative work with the Make It Visible Project to better understand how we can enable sustained positive culture change, it is important that we have a handle on what others in the industry are doing. This will avoid duplication and help to bring everyone together as a united front.

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Meet the Team:

Lyndsey and Alice are here to help get Partners involved with the Wellbeing Group.

Lyndsey Morrison
Group Manager
Contact Lyndsey
Alice Crowsley
Group Support
Contact Alice

Meeting Dates:

The dates for all Wellbeing Group meetings have now been set for 2023/24.

 Date/ TimeLocation
24th November 2023 , 10:00am – 12:30pmMicrosoft Teams
8th February 2024, 10:00am – 12:30pmMicrosoft Teams


Meeting Notes:

Download notes from any of the previous Wellbeing Group meetings below.

Our Partners

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