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Operational Excellence Group

Collaborating to help productivity and efficiency in the built environment industry.

What is Operational Excellence?

The continuous pursuit of improvement is applied to every area/function and level of the organisation with everyone focused on goals to exceed and clients to satisfy.

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Developing teams and individuals with the skillsets to drive improvement is a business imperative and creates an environment whereby excellence and continuous improvement are the goals.

The built environment is challenged to deliver more productively, with higher quality and efficient programmes.

Therefore, encouraging teams in the organisation to eliminate waste and deliver customer value supports a more sustainable operation.

Lean thinking creates that mindset and approaches to deliver these outcomes, continuously.

2023 Operational Excellence Group Update

To learn more about the group’s targets and objectives for 2023, download the Business Plan below.

Download the plan

2023/2024 Operational Excellence Group Update

Group Outputs:

The Group have to date published a number of video case studies that were drawn from the Partners and supply chains of the Group.

Meet the Team:

Ian and Alfie are here to help Partners to get involved with the Operational Excellence Group.

Ian Heptonstall
Group Manager
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Alfie Austyn
Group Support
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Meeting Dates:

The dates for all Operational Excellence Group meetings have now been set for 2023/24.

 Date/ TimeLocation
10th October 2023, Microsoft Teams
6th December 2023,Microsoft Teams
8th February 2024,Microsoft Teams

Meeting Notes:

Download notes from any of the previous Operational Excellence Group meetings below.