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Improve your procurement and commercial skills at all levels to deliver greater value to your projects

Delivering enhanced performance through procurement




There is compelling evidence that more competent procurement will enable projects to be more productive, be delivered on time and help satisfy the client. In essence, better procurement adds value.

In the built environment sector up to 80% of the spend with a main contractor is diverted to the supply chain. Procurement skills through the life of a contract and beyond are therefore essential to deliver value for money to the client.

Are you a non-procurement professional charged with buying as part of your job? Or perhaps you’re a professional buyer or Quantity Surveyor, or even somebody responsible for managing supplier performance and relationships. If so, Performance Through Procurement will have something for you.

Where to begin?

You can start by taking a simple self-assessment to understand how your procurement skills match up today. Your action plan will take you to the resources that are right for your level of expertise. Log in to your School account before undertaking the assessment.

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It is equally important to measure your supply chain’s performance in real time to understand how to deal with problems as they arise. The School has developed a free, simple, cloud based application that can be used on any project.

Supply Chain Improvement Programmes

In the period July 2021 to March 2023, the Supply Chain Sustainability School are offering 11 Supply Chain Improvement Programmes (SCIPs) with the aim of improving productivity and performance.  We will be working with groups of buyers and suppliers to demonstrate productivity improvements through better procurement and more collaborative working.

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What Is Procurement?

Shaun McCarthy OBE, Chair, Supply Chain School, provides a succinct definition for procurement

What is Procurement

Key topics

Take a look at these four sub topics within Procurement.

Procurement for Beginners

For people new to the profession.

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Procurement for Professionals

Creating value through effective procurement

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Supplier Relationship & Management

Adding value through managed relationships

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Collaborative Construction Procurement

Optimising value through collaboration

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“The productivity of the construction sector has changed little since the 1990s. The reasons for this are complex but there is no doubt that improved procurement skills are part of the solution. The range of CPD accredited learning available from the School will help to deliver the step change we need.”
Shaun McCarthy OBE, Chair, Supply Chain Sustainability School

Key Procurement Resources

Here are a selection of featured resources on Procurement. We have plenty more in our full resource library.

Procurement for Beginners
Procurement for Beginners
Procurement for Beginners
Offsite Manufacture
“The construction sector remains the least productive industry in the UK economy, at more than 20 percentage points below the average output per hour for the whole economy in 2017. In contrast, the manufacturing sector remains 10% above the whole economy average.”
The Office of National Statistics
Construction statistics, Great Britain: 2017
Procurement Assessment
Benchmark your Procurement knowledge against the industry, meet client requirements and get your business recognised.
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Supply Chain Improvement Programmes
Showcasing the benefits of more collaborative working through better procurement
The Supply Chain Sustainability School are offering 11 Supply Chain Improvement Programmes (SCIPs) with the aim of improving productivity and performance.
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