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Training & Skills

By ensuring that people have the necessary skills and training to progress their careers, we can ensure the sustainability of the industry.

Modernise or die?

Modernise or die was the rallying call to our industry in the recent Farmer Report – put simply, the industry faces both a lack of skilled people and the skills to increase productivity.

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Productivity in the construction sector has remained flat for over 20 years. We are the only industry, except agriculture, to have this problem. It is compounded by low margins stifling our investment in people.

Clients and the public sector are encouraging us to act differently, through the contracts they enter into with us, the way they procure and how they use planning conditions.

It’s becoming increasingly important that we develop the skills and talents of all our people, whether directly employed, temporary or contingent labour or working in our supply chains. Also, that the entry points to the sector (e.g. entry level apprentices) have progression paths.

The issue of training and skills is usefully considered alongside other School topics of Employment and Fairness, Inclusion and Respect, because progression of each is inextricably linked with the others.

“We will not have the labour force to deliver what the country needs by working in traditional ways and those ways will not create enough added value for clients or suppliers to allow construction to prosper.”
Mark Farmer, Modernise or Die

Selected learning resources

Here are a selection of featured training and skills resources. To view more, please visit our full resource library.

Training and Skills
Training and Skills
Training and Skills

Case Study Ardmore

Practical examples of how contractors can take action to recruit and retain a more diverse workforce.

Ardmore – Recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce

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