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Facilities Management Group

Promoting sustainable facilities management throughout the whole built environment.

Working together to improve our impact and supporting the FM sector to deliver more sustainably

Smarter ways of working

The challenges of the pandemic and subsequent needs for adjustments to workplaces has created an unprecedented opportunity for FM, assisting clients to working smarter whilst ensuring the continued safety, wellbeing and productivity of service users, staff and suppliers.

Environmental challenges

The existing built environment and its surroundings have a significant and continual environmental impact. Buildings account for around 45% of the UK’s CO2 emissions.

But the issue goes even wider than controlling emissions and the huge challenges of hitting net zero carbon. Looking at the efficient use of resources, understanding the circular economy and whole-life costing, and applying this knowledge to reduce environmental impacts and costs is critical to improvement.

Labour challenges, social value, well-being and productivity

School Partners and clients are also finding ways to target and access local labour and to engage more smaller, local suppliers. Meanwhile legislative and policy challenges such as the introduction of PPN06/20, the Modern Slavery Act and Apprenticeship Levy make it necessary to re-think approaches to procurement, tendering, recruitment and management.

Facilities management (FM) service providers and their clients are working together to deliver social value, providing a built environment that contributes positively to well-being and productivity.

In order to meet these critical objectives FM needs to attract and develop the best possible talent across the sector and its supply chains. It needs people who understand and care about sustainability. The School is here to help this happen.

2023/2024 FM Group Update

To learn more about the group’s targets and objectives for 2023/2024, download the Business Plan below.

Download the plan

2023/24 FM Group Update

Group Activities:

Discover what the FM group is working on this year.

Extended Producer Responsibility; why it’s important and how to prepare your business with Biffa - webinar recording

A 1-hour introduction to EPR and how it affects your business.

An Introduction to Biodiversity Net Gain and the TNFD with Mott MacDonald -

A 1-hour webinar with Dr Julia Baker, Nature Services Lead at Mott MacDonald, helping you to understand Biodiversity Net Gain and TNFD framework.

Group Outputs:

Explore resources that have been developed by the FM Group.

Environmental management
Sustainability Strategy
Sustainability Strategy
Energy and Carbon
Energy and Carbon
Business Ethics
Sustainability Strategy

Meet the Team:

Mark and Lucy are here to help get Partners involved with the FM Group.

Mark Turner
Group Manager
Contact Mark
Lucy Hunt
Group Support
Contact Lucy

Meeting Dates:

The dates for all FM Group meetings have now been set for 2024/25.

Date/ TimeLocation
14th May 2024, 10am – 12pmMicrosoft Teams
19th September 2024, 10am – 12pmMicrosoft Teams
26th November 2024, 10am – 12pmMicrosoft Teams
13th February 2025, 10am – 12pmMicrosoft Teams

Meeting Notes:

Download notes from any of the previous FM Group meetings below.

Our Partners

The School is a collaboration between clients, contractors and suppliers who have a mutual interest in building the skills of their supply chain. They pay for the School, so it's all FREE for you.