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Lean Construction

Operational Excellence through Lean Thinking

Visual Management

Visual management is a method of managing the workplace using visual signs...

Visual Management

Visual management is a method of managing the workplace using visual signs and organisation to simplify communication as much as possible, for all people.

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This involves the development of visual cues which shy away from things like the use of text (which might not be understood by all) and intuitive and/or memorable.

This is achieved by keeping things simple – for example a hexagonal red sign is recognised globally as meaning Stop, or the universal adoption of red/amber/green in traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.

In the workplace this could be for a wide variety of purposes, from giving warning, identifying a condition (safe / unsafe) or simply just showing where something is to allow the more efficient management of people and materials. Visual management can also be used in the development of scheduling or task boards to clearly show who needs to do what by when.

In short, visual management aims to present information in a clear and unambiguous way.

What is Visual Management?

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Visual management

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Visual Management
Visual Management
Visual Management

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There are key elements to Lean Construction and we have learning resources available to explain each to you and to help you start embedding lean in your organisation.

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