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Procurement for Professionals

Creating value through effective procurement

Developments in the construction sector are driving procurement decision-making to consider a wider concept of value over the whole life of an asset.

The days of going out for three bids and selecting the cheapest are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.


The School has developed two e-learning modules to help procurement and QS professionals achieve best value by selecting the right suppliers and applying the correct procurement routes. They have been designed for people who procure materials or sub-contracts as their primary role. These modules describe how to procure for a wide variety of value indicators and how to use and apply the procurement routes and forms of contract that deliver best value every time.

Procurement for Professionals E-learning Modules

Procurement for Professionals
Procurement for Professionals

Defining Procurement And What It Means To Our Organisation

Chris Matthews from Flannery Plant Hire explains what procurement means to him and his organisation

Defining Procurement And What It Means To Our Organisation

Key Procurement for Professionals Resources

Here are a selection of featured Procurement for Professionals resources. To view more, please visit our full resource library.

Supply Chain Management
Procurement for Professionals
Procurement for Professionals

Topics related to Procurement for Professionals

Procurement for Beginners

For people new to the profession.

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Supplier Relationship & Management

Adding value through managed relationships

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Collaborative Construction Procurement

Optimising value through collaboration

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“Procurement is the difference between obtaining the price, usually the lowest, and the actual cost of delivering the works; which includes behaviours, ability, timelines and the legacy you leave behind having completed those works.”
Chris Matthews, Strategic Manager, Flannery Plant Hire
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