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Lean Construction

Operational Excellence through Lean Thinking

Developing the capabilities of teams to drive operational excellence in everything they do.

What is Operational Excellence?

The continuous pursuit of improvement is applied to every area/function and level of the organisation with everyone focused on goals to exceed and clients to satisfy.

Developing teams and individuals with the skillsets to drive improvement is a business imperative and creates an environment whereby excellence and continuous improvement are the goals.

The built environment is challenged to deliver more productively, with higher quality and efficient programmes.

Therefore, encouraging teams in the organisation to eliminate waste and deliver customer value supports a more sustainable operation.

Lean thinking creates that mindset and approaches to deliver these outcomes, continuously.

Need & Opportunity

This video highlights the need to improve construction productivity, breaking this down into the efficiency and effectiveness of current operations and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Construction Productivity: The need and opportunity

Latest Lean resources

Have a look at our latest resources which will help you on your journey into being a more efficient business.

Training & Events
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Supply Chain Sustainability School
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The Lean Construction Practitioner Programme
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Introduction to Lean Construction Learning Pathway
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The Foundational Modules for Operational Excellence

The foundation modules are key tools in the pursuit of excellence and we have created these as a learning pathway with introduction videos and supporting resources to support your learning journey.

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Lean Assessment
The Lean capability assessment helps you understand Lean Construction processes and techniques and provides a ten-point learning plan.
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