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Digital Training

Digital Adoption

Technology adoption through the project lifecycle.

Digital construction, now and in the future

Digital technologies can assist every stage of a project’s lifecycle, from design, optioneering and planning, through procurement, during manufacture and construction and finally in the building’s operational phase and beyond.

Be sure to try out the digital training needs assessment tool to benchmark your digital skills against others in your sector and find out which of the School’s resources can help you.

Digital resources

What is digital construction and what’s the difference between digitisation and digitalisation?

Digitisation is the changing of the analogue to the digital, such as

  • Creating a banking an app to replace paper statements
  • Changing hand-written documents to digital copies
  • Storing project records on private computers instead of in material folders

Digitalisation on the other hand is the process of leveraging digitisation to improve business processes. For example, you may use mobile apps to replace what were previously paper-based processes in your business.

The end result of digitalisation and digitisation is digital transformation.

Top 10 digital technologies

Hear from the experts on how new innovations are transforming the industry with our byte-size videos.

Dr Philip Hamilton discusses the potential for minimising resource use through additive manufacture of buildings.

Clive Jordan talks about how digitalisation adds true value to buildings.

Josh Graham explains how blockchain can facilitate more efficient collaboration through smart contracts.

Alec Gilham from Digirail discusses how interconnected data is being applied in the rail sector.

Ben Robinson explains how computers can resolve extremely complex design patterns.

Dr Sakthy Selvakumaran discusses using sensors to track and monitor components in buildings and infrastructure projects.

Richard Higginbotham talks about how robotic process automation can free up time for creative tasks.

Dr Ruth Dowsett explains her work helping SMEs adopt and implement robotics in the construction industry.

Chris Matthew describes how real time, on-site data capture from plant can save time, cost and carbon.

John Gregory discusses how wearable technologies improve safety and time management for workers on site.

Selected digital learning resources

Have a look at our latest resources which we hope will help you on your digital construction journey.

Digital Adoption
Digital Adoption
Digital Adoption
Digital Leadership Program

Selected digital topics

In developing your approach you need to consider your digital strategy, the training of your people, your business processes, your technology choices and, of course, cyber security issues.

Digitalisation Business Training

Evaluating the benefits and value of digitalisation, including process improvement…

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Digital Leadership Program

Digital leadership, strategy and the need to develop a culture…

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Cyber Security Training

Cyber security is not just an IT issue, it’s the…

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Digital Adoption

Technology adoption through the project lifecycle.

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