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Sustainability Strategy Training

Performance Measurement and Management

Collecting data and measuring sustainability performance in a standardised way, taking action to manage and better performance to improve sustainability impacts.

Why should we consider both performance measurement and management?

To achieve your sustainability goals and commitments you need to understand how you and your supply chain are performing. Aligning your reporting framework with your strategy sets a clear direction for how you will achieve your commitments. It’s about more than just reporting data – performance measurement is about understanding progress against indicators by collecting, validating and presenting accurate data. Performance management then takes this a step further by tracking progress against your sustainability goals and taking action and data-driven decisions to improve your sustainability impacts.

Performance measurement and management during any project or contract, whatever the size, has several benefits:

  • Enables the supply chain to demonstrate performance against contractual targets and requirements.
  • Demonstrates progress against plans, mitigating impacts in real-time and understanding any risks or opportunities for improvement.
  • Enables companies to gain commercial advantage through their ability to demonstrate performance.

Language to use

Sustainability strategy and performance measurement

Flannery Plant Hire discuss how and why a sustainability strategy and performance measurement must go hand-in-hand.

Sustainability strategy and performance measurement

Improving Performance

By understanding where you can improve your sustainability impacts and having the right training and skills, this knowledge helps to develop a sustainability strategy that is relevant to your organisation. Having a clear framework for managing your impacts and improving them, along with clearly defined goals, commitments and targets leads to good performance measurement and management.

Tracking performance against commitments, taking action and making data-driven decisions will lead to continual improvement and improved sustainability impacts.

Why sustainability reporting can't be a tick box exercise

Murphy & Sons discuss the importance of using performance management effectively to achieve their sustainability commitments and not viewing sustainability data collection as a tick-box exercise.

Why sustainability reporting can’t be a tick box exercise

Key Performance Measurement and Management Resources

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