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Supply Chain Improvement Programmes

Showcasing the benefits of more collaborative working through better procurement

Improving performance through procurement




In the period July 2021 to March 2023, we worked with groups of buyers and suppliers to demonstrate productivity improvements through better procurement and more collaborative working.

The Supply Chain Sustainability School offered 11 Supply Chain Improvement Programmes (SCIPs) with the aim of improving productivity and performance. By completing this performance through procurement improvement programme, projects achieved the following benefits:

  • Improved productivity through better collaborative working.
  • Cost savings through improved procurement skills down the value chain
  • Time savings through fewer changes and delays through contractual or communication issues
  • Quality improvements through fewer incidents of rework and snags
  • Evidence of improved performance down the value chain through use of the cloud-based application
  • A better trained team for the next project

Read the final project report here

This CITB funded programme was developed in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS), Kings College London (KCL) and the Institute for Collaborative Working (ICW). It is aligned with other CITB funded programmes from CECA and Nottingham Trent University.

Organisations chose from the two options that we had to offer:

  • Learning journey – we took a cohort of up to 20 people from a business, their clients and/or their supply chain on an instructor led learning journey to improve their procurement skills and apply them in a way that improves value
  • Diagnostic journey – we allocated one of our consultants to work with a group of buyers and suppliers to analyse the effectiveness of the business relationship and provide support to find ways to improve.
“Industry training on collaborative procurement is long overdue. A practical understanding of collaborative relationships, tools and systems is essential to help us resolve age-old problems and to improve efficiency, value and risk management. King’s College London Centre of Construction Law have been glad to support the Supply Chain Sustainability School in developing their modules, workshops and online tools on Collaborative Construction Procurement, and we strongly recommend them.”
Professor David Mosey, Centre of Construction Law, King’s College London



As a pilot programme, we worked with South East & Mid Wales Collaborative Construction Framework (SEWSCAP) to help local authority clients and suppliers of modular buildings to improve the effectiveness of the framework.

Morgan Sindall

We took a cohort of people from Morgan Sindall, their infrastructure clients and tier 1 suppliers through an instructor led learning journey.

Laing O'Rourke

We took a cohort of people from Laing O'Rourke through a bespoke training programme, dedicated to the needs of the team.


We worked with the team from ISG to produce and implement a new Procurement Policy, as well as taking the team through a series of workshops.

M Group

We worked with the team to carry out a desktop review of procurement and sustainability commitments in the organisation. This was followed by a series of workshops for stakeholders.


We took a cohort of people from Osborne through a training programme that was dedicated to the needs of the team, including developing bespoke workshops.


We guided a select group through a bespoke training programme, before starting on the Consultancy phase of the project.


We took a cohort of people from Wates through a training programme that was dedicated to the needs of the team, including developing bespoke workshops.

JN Bentley

Our Consultant held one to one surgeries with the lead buyers from JN Bentley, exploring their business plans and helping them shape content into meaningful delivery requirements.  This included developing procurement strategies, engaging and upskilling Junior members of the teams and evolving the procurement function to consider a more strategic approach that can deliver value as well as cost reductions.


We have worked with the Buyers and Quantity Surveyors within Octavius, to upskill these teams and discover where the challenges lie. We have seen tangible results when working with this cohort.


We worked with SCS to help them improve inefficiencies in plant idling and ordering processes by driving close collaborations between the SCS procurement team, its internal stakeholders and its suppliers.

Performance through Procurement Tool

We have also developed a free performance measurement Tool. Use the button below to enquire about using this Tool in your organisation.

More information

Procurement Training

In addition to the Supply Chain Improvement Programmes, we have developed procurement-related e-learning modules, resources and a programme of related workshops. See a selection below or view the Procurement library to discover more.

Collaborative Construction Procurement
“Improving procurement skills and capabilities throughout the construction sector has been highlighted in a number of studies and reports as an essential part of addressing some of the poor commercial practices which affect performance, reduce quality and impact safety. It is important that improvement in procurement practices happen at all levels of the supply chain. We at CIPS have been happy to support this important procurement education initiative by the Supply Chain Sustainability School. We would encourage everyone to take advantage of these excellent educational resources and invest the time to improve their procurement skills.”
Duncan Brook, Group Director at Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS)
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