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Sustainability Training

Wellbeing Training

Addressing wellbeing and welfare improvement across the whole value chain and built environment.

Supporting the industry to enhance the wellbeing of our workforce and our community and drive positive culture change

The Built environment presents a myriad of wellbeing challenges that impact both our workforce and our communities on a daily basis.

Workforce wellbeing, including the wellbeing of our sub-contractors and suppliers, is a critical concern that demands immediate attention – with continuing poor wellbeing statistics and distressingly high incidence of suicide within our industry.

It is imperative that we better understand the unique set of factors that contribute to these statistics and the challenges that face those working in the built environment sector. It is only by better understanding these factors and how we can influence the industry to make transformative change, that we will be able to enable sustained positive wellbeing culture change.

Wellbeing - Sustainability Short

These days there’s a lot of talk about wellbeing and how it’s important. But what is wellbeing and why should you be bothered about it?

Wellbeing – Sustainability Short

WorldGBC's Health & Wellbeing Framework

The WGBC Framework is a high-level educational resource, structured across six core principles for health and wellbeing in the built environment. The principles are conceptual, allowing them to be universally applicable for an international audience and diverse range of stakeholders. It can be used by actors across the value chain, from designers to occupiers, construction firms to policymakers.

Download the Framework

Latest Wellbeing resources

See a selection of wellbeing resources. To view more, visit the full resource library:

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