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Business Case for Digital

Evaluating the benefits and value of digitalisation, including process improvement and technical interventions

The value of digital investment

Why should companies be investing in digital?

What are the risks and benefits of digital investment? How can the value of digital investment be defined? How can data be used to drive better business outcomes?

Digital resources

Digital technology and software adoption are happening in almost every industry, including construction. Businesses are – or should be! – constantly looking for ways to become more productive and stay ahead.

The construction industry lags far behind other sectors in terms of digitisation. But as construction projects are usually high-value and highly complex projects the potential benefits are potentially huge. Some studies suggest that there is the potential to improve productivity by between 50-60%.

Digital is not just about data.

There are undoubtedly opportunities to boost productivity growth from digitisation, especially in construction after years of stagnation. However it cannot be denied that there are adoption barriers, quite apart from just the transition costs.

Digital is not just simply about productivity statistics. Nevertheless, there is plenty of evidence to suggest digital innovation can boost productivity significantly, as we’ve seen.

“Everything will be digital. Every process that in our world can be done by a computer will be done by a computer.”
Stefan Larsson, CEO of BIMObject

Selected digital learning resources

Have a look at our latest 'business case for digital' learning resources to help you on your digital construction journey.

Business Case for Digital
Business Case for Digital
Business Case for Digital
Business Case for Digital

Selected digital construction topics

In developing your approach to new technologies, you need to consider your digital strategy, how to make the business case for digital investment, the capabilities of your clients, suppliers and team, your technology choices and, of course, cyber security issues.

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Cyber Security

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Digital Adoption

Technology adoption through the project lifecycle.

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