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Develop your leadership and management skills and drive sustainable change.

Develop your management skills

The UK Construction Strategy for 2025 sets out some big challenges for our industry which we will not meet without thinking differently and transforming the ways in which we operate.

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Whilst we may all learn the skills associated with industrialising our approach to construction and facilities management, unless we have the skills to lead and manage change in our own businesses, we will not be able to reach our goals. Embedding key management skills and competencies within your business can help you to manage these challenges.

Achieving the targets set out in the strategy will require a paradigm shift in processes and culture that will require business leaders to think strategically about the implications of offsite construction to their business and to develop new ways of managing people, projects and processes.

Our Management Topics can help you increase your knowledge in 8 key skills which your organisation will need to work more efficiently, adapt to your client’s changing requirements and continue to be a successful, sustainable business.

Our key Management topics

Change Management

Change management is a process by which an organisations may…

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Innovation can be defined as a new method, process or…

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Leadership & Culture

In simple terms, leadership involves directing a group of people,…

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Marketing & Business Development

A good marketing strategy goes hand in hand with an…

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Project Management

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and…

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Quality Management

Quality means understanding customer wants, designing projects or services to…

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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management involves proactively developing and implementing supply chains…

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Working collaboratively will become increasingly more critical to a construction…

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Our latest Management resources

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Project Management
Marketing and Business Development
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