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Leadership Training

In simple terms, leadership involves directing a group of people, not just taking responsibility for an asset or outcome.

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Be a leader; not a manager

Our industry faces a period of unrelenting and accelerating change. To harness this change and the benefits it will bring requires leaders.

For some time, the issue of leadership within the built environment industry has been the subject of much debate. The industry’s need to rise to increasing social, economic and environmental challenges has fuelled this debate and called into question its ability to create leaders that can inspire and affect real change.

Our resources help to build leadership qualities at all levels of our industry.

This section of our resource library will introduce you to the concepts of leadership and management and how this can impact on building effective teams.

The resources include e-learning, workshops, video content, case studies and web-based learning that look at;

  • The concepts of Leadership, Management and Motivation
  • Behaviours and areas for development within these individual styles
  • The different approaches leaders can take
  • How to know what components are required for change

As you move through the leadership resources, you will gain an understanding of the components that help to build a team.

Learning and deploying these components will help you to build team alignment and cohesion, delivering effective teams and processes whilst supporting change.

Leadership - Engage your Team

Create a Culture of Engagement and learn how to find the Engagement Sweet Spot – Engagement is all about FEELINGS!

Leadership: Engage your team

Leadership & Culture Resources

Here are a select number of key leadership & culture resources. To view the full resource library for leadership & culture, please click "more resources".

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