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Procurement for Beginners

For people new to the profession.

Better procurement delivers value

Typically, 80% of a Tier 1’s revenue goes to the supply chain, which is often multi-tiered and involves a lot of small businesses. A significant proportion of that revenue is spent by people who are charged with buying goods or services, along with a wide range of other duties. Procurement is not their full time job.

The School has designed an e-learning module for people who have buying as part of their job, or people who are new to the procurement profession. It will help you understand the basic principles and skills of procurement.

This module introduces the basic principles of good procurement for those people and/or those who are new to the profession and want to learn some basic skills.

Introduction To Procurement E-learning Module

Why Is Procurement Important?

Carl Thomas, Chartered Institute of Purchasing Supply, explains why procurement is important to all organisations and the benefits it can bring.

Why Is Procurement Important?

Key Procurement for Beginners Resources

Here are a selection of featured Procurement for Beginners resources. To view more, please visit our full resource library.

Offsite Manufacture
Procurement for Beginners
Procurement for Beginners
Procurement for Beginners

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“In my opinion people are often intimidated by procurement and the connotations that it entails – they shouldn’t be.”
Chris Matthews, Strategic Manager, Flannery Plant Hire
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