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How – and why – to understand the digital capability of your clients, employees and suppliers.

Understanding digital capability

Digital transformation starts with you understanding the value of data, from whichever source.

Your customers, your suppliers and your own staff all produce vast amounts of information which can be extremely valuable if you have the processes in place to exploit that knowledge.

Digital resources

All organisations automatically capture the most rudimentary data about customers from enquiries and orders. The digital organisation, however, can go much further in gaining understanding about its buyers’ preferences and habits. They can use this information to create highly personalised marketing or even to influence future product planning.

Choosing suppliers who can demonstrate digital innovations of their own can help to drive out waste, ensure in-time deliveries and increase profits for both parties.

Your own staff can help the business exploit these efficiencies, but only if they’re competent with the digital tools they have to use and – just as importantly – if they themselves can see the benefits to their own working lives. Once empowered in this way though, they may come up with innovations of their own.

Track your digital maturity

Be sure to try out the digital maturity assessment that enables you to benchmark your organisation’s digital skills against others in your sector. You can also use it with suppliers and clients, simply share the link with them and start the conversation.

You will need to have an organisational admin account in order to complete this.

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Selected digital learning resources

Have a look at our latest digital capability resources to help you on your digital construction journey.


Selected digital topics

In developing your approach you need to consider your digital strategy, the training of your people, your business processes, your technology choices and, of course, cyber security issues.

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