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Procurement Group

Improving procurement and commercial skills at all levels to help businesses deliver greater value to their projects.

Delivering enhanced performance through procurement

There is compelling evidence that more competent procurement will enable projects to be more productive, be delivered on time and help satisfy the client. In essence, better procurement adds value.

In the built environment sector up to 80% of the spend with a main contractor is diverted to the supply chain. Procurement skills through the life of a contract and beyond are therefore essential to deliver value for money to the client.

The School’s Procurement Group brings together senior procurement professionals from across the industry, working in subgroups on four key areas of focus: De-carbonising the supply chain; Collaborative approaches; Engaging SMEs; Due diligence and supply chain mapping.

Our vision is an industry where everyone who buys something will have the skills and knowledge to procure effectively and sustainably.

2023/2024 Procurement Group Update

To learn more about the group, download the Terms of Reference here.

Download the ToR

2023/2024 Procurement Group Update

Group Outputs:

Explore recordings from previous webinars, looking into specific issues within the Procurement profession.

Collaborative Construction Procurement
Procurement for Beginners

Meet the Team:

Shaun and James are here to help Partners to get involved with the Procurement Group.

Shaun McCarthy
Group Manager
Contact Shaun
James Sackey
Group Support
Contact James

Meeting Dates:

The dates for all Procurement Group meetings have now been set for 2024/25. Please see below for further details and the notes from previous meetings:

 Date/ TimeLocation
29th May 2024, 2pm – 4:00pmMicrosoft Teams
17th September 2024, 2pm – 4:00pmMicrosoft Teams
6th December 2024, 2pm – 4:00pmMicrosoft Teams
25th February 2025, 2pm – 4:00pmMicrosoft Teams

Meeting Notes:

Download notes from any of the previous Procurement Group meetings below.

Our Partners

The School is a collaboration between clients, contractors and suppliers who have a mutual interest in building the skills of their supply chain. They pay for the School, so it's all FREE for you.