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The Clancy Group


About Us...

Clancy is one of the largest privately owned construction firms in the UK. Founded in 1958 we remain incredibly proud of the quality of work that we deliver to our many clients.

From our early history in civil engineering, we have now grown to become one of the UK’s most trusted utilities companies. We operate our own plant, employ a direct labour work force and also have our own traffic management division.


Areas that we work in include:

  • Frameworks: we are proud of our long-term collaborative partnerships including some with major utility clients that go back over 40 years
  • Fixed site civil engineering projects: these involve more complex civil engineering, in static and urban environments, for which we have both  the experience and the expertise.
  • Linear projects: big projects like these, involving cross country water pipeline and cable laying, need the manpower, the specialist equipment and the know-how. Clancy have all three.

As our experience and the expertise of our people has grown, so too have the sectors we work in. We now work with the biggest names to deliver water, wastewater, energy and telecoms projects.

Sustainability & Supply Chain

We are only as sustainable as our supply chain and are strengthening our links, communication and collaboration with our key suppliers so that we can support one another on the journey to delivering more sustainable built assets.

As part of a re-tendering exercise we are evaluating more sustainable options, one example being for our concrete supply.  We are proud to be one of seventeen founding signatories to the Concrete Zero commitment and are in the process of working with our suppliers to substitute lower carbon options as a default specification within our purchasing system.

We have also reached out to other key suppliers to get a more detailed understanding of their sustainability journey and carbon reduction plans and product data including requesting EPDs where these are available. We are committed to net zero 2050, and have set ourselves a stretch goal of achieving this by 2030, and can only achieve this challenging goal with the participation of our suppliers.

Why a Partner?

We aim to deliver smarter, greener infrastructure -”and apply our expertise to reimagine how we work, to build a more efficient, resilient and environmentally sustainable industry.

We put health, safety and wellbeing above everything else. We work on behalf of communities, not just clients – making sure that our impact is positive and with minimal disruption. We play our part in tackling global challenges to protect our world, striving to reduce the impact of our work, and helping our partners to do the same.

As such, our Clancy values are at the heart of our business and have strong synergy with the work of the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

“We are committed to being a sustainable business but recognise the collective challenge that we face as an industry. This is why we have chosen to become a partner of the school. Together, we can achieve more and achieve it -quickly. We face an existential threat due to our resource use and climate change, but through the construction value chain that the school represents and supports we can address this threat and help to develop the knowledge and skills for the future of the industry”
Ronan Clancy, Executive Director, Clancy
“The Supply Chain Sustainability School is an invaluable resource to the industry. It’s members and partners represent the best expertise in the business and by active participation and knowledge sharing we are all helping to accelerate the pace of change to more sustainable construction. It is a journey we need to be on together and the school forms a vital focus for this. ”
Mike de Silva, Head of Sustainability, Clancy