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About the School

We cover all aspects of the built environment, and focus on eight main topics; Sustainability, Digital, FIR, Lean Construction, Management, Offsite, People and Procurement.

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What is the Supply Chain Sustainability School?

“The school has helped us win numerous contracts worth in excess of £1million”

– Steve Marsh, Roofline

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The School is completely FREE and allows you to access training in a wealth of different areas including; Sustainability, Digital, FIR, Lean Construction, Management, Offsite, People and Procurement. You also have the opportunity to attend our training and networking events, gain CPD points, complete a self assessment and get a bespoke action plan, complete e-learning modules and various training resources.

The School is an award winning industry wide collaboration, led by our Partners and Members whose Vision for the School is to be:

“An industry where everyone will have the skills and knowledge to deliver a sustainable future.”

By 2025 our goal is to inspire and enable 50,000 people annually, in our Partners and their supply chains, to be more sustainable and drive real change.

The eight principles that guide this delivery are set out here and are delivered using four shared values:


We exemplify respect for the planet, our colleagues and wider society.


We share knowledge and resources.


We inspire and enable our industry to drive positive change.


We deliver measurable benefits.

Who is the School for?

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The School is for everybody working in the Construction, FM, Homes and Infrastructure sectors who work in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We cover a wealth of topics from Carbon & Climate Change, Social Value, Fairness, Inclusion and Respect, Modern Slavery as well as many more sustainability issues.

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More about the School

About IconWhat is the Supply Chain Sustainability School?
Keen to know more about who we are and what we do? Find out how the School is changing the industry and how you can get involved.
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About IconSchool structure
The School is an award-winning, industry-wide collaboration directed by industry Partners and members.
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