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Making construction leaner, greener and more efficient.

Offsite construction

New and smarter construction techniques are needed if we are to build a more profitable and sustainable industry that can deliver the significant reductions in costs, project times and CO2 emissions that are called for by the Construction 2025 Strategy.

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Adopting an offsite approach to construction does not mean using only completed modular units. There are a whole range of options on the offsite adoption scale, from standardised components, through to modular sub-assemblies to fully volumetric solutions.

The industry needs to start looking at current processes differently and grasp the concept of construction industrialisation.

The concept is illustrated in the construction industrialisation wheel below.  Five key competencies need to be understood if we are to embrace an industrialised approach; design for manufacture & assembly (DfMA), offsite manufacture, logistics and onsite assembly, followed by design of maintenance. These five building blocks are underpinned by eight management skills that are, in our opinion, necessary to drive change.

Help can be found under the management topic.

Key topics to explore in offsite construction

Design for Man and Assembly
Design for Manufacture & Assembly

DfMA is about embedding efficiency throughout a product’s life-cycle, including…

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Offsite Manufacture
Offsite Manufacture

Bringing factory thinking to the construction process, to industrialise the…

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Offsite logistics

Moving to an offsite approach has significant impacts on offsite…

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Onsite Assembly

The onsite assembly process is the management and culmination of…

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Design for Maintenance

Implementation of decisions taken at the design stage through the…

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Construction industrialisation

How do I develop the skills to embrace offsite construction?

The offsite skills assessment enables you to understand what you need to know and provides a quick 10-point learning plan.

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Hear from our partners in the Offsite School as to why they think it's an important initiative, and why you should become a member.

Industrialisation mindset

offsite wheel

The School provides hundreds of ‘best in class’ learning resources that help you to build your understanding of offsite. All are free to use and are catalogued by:

  • Issues – the five elements of industrialisation; DfMA, Offsite Construction, Logistics, Onsite Assembly and Design for Maintenance
  • Media type – do you prefer video, e-learning, workshops, webinars or web documents?
  • Learning level – beginner, intermediate or advanced.

To have a sneak preview click on the Topics or Learning tabs on the navigation bar above to take you to the help you need. Whilst all our resources are free, to access them we do ask that you register with the School. If you’re not already, sign up (its free) now to become a member of the School.

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Latest offsite resources

Free-to-access training materials, videos, webinars and resources for your use.

Business Ethics
Design for Manufacture and Assembly
Design for Manufacture and Assembly
Design for Manufacture and Assembly
Offsite logistics
“The Offsite School is an excellent source of knowledge on DfMA and offsite construction. Its combination of online resources and face to face training delivery means that you can choose the style of learning that best suits your organisation.”
Nigel Ostime, Project Delivery Director, Hawkins Brown Architects

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