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Collaborative Construction Procurement

Optimising value through collaboration

Ever since Sir Michael Latham’s report Constructing the Team was published in July 1994, and through subsequent reports by Sir John Egan and Mark Farmer, the construction industry has been encouraged to create value by using more progressive and collaborative contracting strategies.

Whilst there have been some impressive examples of value created by collaborative procurement, the methods used are far from common practice in an industry that is traditionally price driven and risk averse.


Three e-learning modules have been developed by Professor David Mosey and his team from Kings College London School of Law to provide an opportunity for these methods to apply more comprehensively across the construction industry.

These modules are intended to be completed in sequence with no more than one month between the first and third modules.

Collaborative Construction Procurement E-learning Modules

Collaborative Construction Procurement
Collaborative Construction Procurement

How Can the Law Improve Construction Projects?

How Can the Law Improve Construction Projects?

Key Collaborative Construction Procurement Resources

Here are a selection of featured Collaborative Construction Procurement resources. To view more, please visit our full resource library.

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“In the world of procurement and supply chain, robust and sustainable relationships through collaborative working can significantly impact aspects of our business relationships”
David Hawkins, Chief Operating Officer, Institute for Collaborative Working
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