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Membership levels

We aim to reward and recognise our active and engaged members who are committed to continuous improvement in sustainability.

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Why become a member?

The School is a resource hub which allows members to access online and in-person learning in five main topic areas: sustainability, offsite, digital, procurement, lean construction and management.

Members have the opportunity to:

  • Complete an assessment and receive a bespoke action plan for your company
  • Attend networking and training sessions
  • Gain CPD points through our accredited suite of e-learning modules and training activities

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What's your membership status?

Our bronze, silver and gold membership levels reflect how engaged your organisation is in the School, rather than how advanced your business is in addressing the sustainability agenda.

Include a membership badge in tenders, pitches, presentations, email signatures and other marketing materials.

 Member level

  • Use at least one resource in past 12 months – either by completing an assessment, coming to a workshop or event, or accessing an online resource

 Bronze level

  • Complete an assessment in past 12 months
  • Use at least five resources (or attend events) in last 6 months but not re-assessed

 Silver level

  • Complete a re-assessment in past 12 months
  • Use at least five resources (or attend events) in the last 6 months

 Gold level

  • Complete a re-assessment in past 12 months
  • Use at least ten resources (or attend events) in last 6 months
  • Demonstrate an increase in sustainability competence
  • Actively share knowledge and experience with other members – either with a case study or speaking at a School event

Interested in going for gold?

Are you a silver member wanting to go for gold? If you would like to provide a case study of your experience using the School, or are interested in speaking about sustainability at a future event, email [email protected] or call 020 7697 1977 for further details.

“The assessment and action planning tool allows us to work at our own pace in a systematic way, with the confidence of knowing that the recommendations in the action plans are in line with our clients’ priorities.”
Lee Brothers
SustainabilitySustainability Assessment
Benchmark your sustainability knowledge against the industry, meet client requirements and get your business recognised.
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Case Studies
Learning from Partners and members
See a library of case studies from our Partners and members about their applied learning from the School and the resulting positive impacts.