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Innovation can be defined as a new method, process or product that can be used to improve business operations.

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Improving Business Operations through Innovation

Innovation is typically a new method, process or product which we implement to improve our business.

Typically, this requires the introduction of a new idea which generates changes that help to solve the needs of our organisation, increases its efficiency, competitiveness and addresses our customer’s requirements.

BIM in collaborative use

Working more efficiently and applying new methods of working into our company, demands innovative thinking. Our resources will help you to remove the barriers to innovation and to implement new ideas.

If we are to meet the challenge to construction infrastructure, buildings and homes that use 50% less CO2, are delivered in half the time and cost 33% less to construct (and operate), we need to start doing things differently.

Innovation also requires the implementation of new ideas which may result in organisational change, and you can find help on this in our section on “Change Management”.

Business Model Innovation

A short video introduced by the University of St Gallen on how to revolutionise your industry.

Business Model Innovation

Innovation Resources

Here are a select number of key innovation resources. To view the full resource library for innovation, please click "more resources".

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