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Our Delivery Partner


The Supply Chain Sustainability School is delivered by Action Sustainability

Action Sustainability is a small but growing business with world leading expertise in sustainable supply chain management and procurement. Our mission is to lead and inspire sustainable business. We provide expertise to clients on sustainability subjects as diverse as sustainable procurement, carbon and climate change, modern slavery and ethical labour, social value, and strategy. We also provide support in two enablers – learning through our long heritage in delivering training and developing e-modules, and in measuring sustainability through our unique software platforms.

The business was founded in 2006 and has been a key influence on the global sustainability and sustainable procurement agenda.

Since then, the company has worked with many major clients in sector including the built environment, healthcare, FMCG, manufacturing, automotive, academia, and government to help define their sustainability ambitions and embed sustainability into their supply chains. These clients include major corporations, developers, suppliers and the public sector, the ultimate clients of the contractors for whom many members of the School work for.

As delivery partner, the team works independently of the client and contractor Partners to ensure that all learning information can remain confidential.

The Team

The experienced team is renowned for providing thought leadership in the field of sustainability:

  • Key contributor to the UK Sustainable Procurement Task Force report, Procuring the Future in 2006
  • Technical authors of the sustainable procurement standard BS 8903 in 2010
  • Director Shaun McCarthy OBE chaired the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012
  • Led the UK and Australian delegations to develop the international standard for sustainable procurement, ISO 20400, in 2017
  • Helen Carter was instrumental in authoring the BS 25700 Standard for Organisational Responses to Modern Slavery in 2022

Action Sustainability provides specialist business advice, training, services and practical tools that help organisations to transform their supply chain’s contribution to corporate sustainability objectives:

  • Identify why sustainability is important to an organisation
  • Link strategic goals to an effective sustainable supply chain management strategy
  • Implement strategy throughout the procurement team and through the supply chain
  • Provide advisory support and guidance on sustainability topics including carbon, waste, modern slavery, wellbeing and social value
  • Put in place measurement, evaluation and assurance mechanisms to ensure an approach is embedded in everyday business practices

Action Sustainability and the School have set a target to be a net zero business by 2030, achieving a year-on-year reduction in our carbon emissions.

How we are already on track to achieve this:

  • Made a Pledge to Net Zero and aligned to Science Based Targets to tackle greenhouse gas emissions within our organisation and our value chain.
  • Committed to the SBTi companies taking action and agreed to reduce our carbon emissions by 46% by 2030 against our 2019 baseline year.
  • Increased the delivery of all of our services to remote/virtual sessions – School, Consultancy and Tool.

How we will continue to achieve this:

  • Encourage continued use of virtual platforms to deliver our services, blended with face-to-face engagements.
  • Measure our annual carbon footprint, using our performance tool for our key aspects: office energy use, employee travel, business travel, delegate and courier transport for training and events.
  • Engage staff, clients and stakeholders on our objectives, targets and progress.

To view our full sustainability strategy, click here.

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