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Carbon & Energy

Low Carbon Concrete
A cross industry webinar session that presents best practise, shares knowledge and showcases innovation around reducing embodied carbon in concrete.
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Understanding Net Zero, Science Based Targets & Carbon Offsetting
This session explores the concept of 'net zero carbon' and investigate ways in which your organisation can achieve zero carbon emissions. During this workshop we also look at Science Based Targets (SBT's) and explain how your company can begin using this approach.
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Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)
Guest speakers from Saint Gobain, Tarkett and Overbury & Morgan Lovell talk about their experiences with EPDs, otherwise known as Environmental Product Declarations. They discuss how to overcome barriers to their implementation in an effort to increase understanding and promote EPDs as a tool to improve the sustainability of the construction industry.
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People - Employment, Modern Slavery

Introduction to Modern Slavery
What modern slavery is, how to spot the signs and understand the risks of slavery within the supply chain.
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Enablers for Delivering Modern Slavery Due Diligence
Discover practical insights into the 'enablers' which your organisation needs to have in place to deliver modern slavery due diligence.
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Transparency in Supply Chains
Whether it' understanding your carbon footprint, identifying issues of labour exploitation in your supply chain, or needing to understand the risks to your organisation's operation through the threats to supply, transparency in supply chains has never been more important.
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Waste & Resource Efficiency

Improve your Site Waste Segregation with Biffa
Improving onsite segregation is a vital part of your Duty of Care and will help you, your clients, suppliers and sub-contractors to deliver a safer, more resource efficient built environment.
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Plastic Packaging Tax and the Built Environment
The latest information on the Plastic Packaging Tax (from April 2022) and understand how this will affect your business. You’ll also hear information on the guidelines for businesses outlining what packaging is taxed, and who is liable to account for the tax and when. Joined by guest speakers from HMRC.
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Circular Economy
Introducing you to the concept of the Circular Economy, providing you with an understanding of the key elements and what it means for the built environment.
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Social Value

Delivering Social Value Case Study
Hear from experts at Grosvenor Multiplex and Think-Forward on the actions they’re taking to deliver impactful, lasting social value. Through the case study of 65 Davies Street, you’ll hear client, main contractor and sub-contractor perspectives on their social value priorities, challenges, lessons learned, and the role of collaboration.
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Understanding PPN 06
Find out further detail on the Government’s new social value model and its application.
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Social Value in the Built Environment
Generating social value is more important than ever - 96% of School Partners are interested in social value to attract and retain staff. It's a top priority for clients and contractors and therefore will also be a priority for their suppliers. Find out how your organisation can deliver social value and the business benefits of doing so with speakers from Argent, Recycling Lives and Ethstat Ethical Stationery.
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Coping with Stress
Understand what stress is, recognise the causes and learn practical techniques.
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Wellbeing in the Workplace
This session will help you to understand where your organisation is on the pathway to embedding wellbeing and pick up hints and tips about what you can do right now to help make this happen.
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How to Develop a Wellbeing Strategy for your Site
The core elements of a wellbeing strategy and how you can make changes that get results.
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An Introduction to Biodiversity
Understand what biodiversity is and the key terms used to describe biodiversity, including what is meant by Biodiversity Net Gain. Also learn about why biodiversity is an important issue which people working in the construction industry need to think about.
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Habitat Matters
Explore how mapping built Environment ‘Habitats’ can help shape future outcomes of the built environment by connecting people to the built environment and nature through habitat feedback loops and wildlife observations contributing to national citizen science, and enhance our mental and physical wellbeing.
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Biodiversity & Net Gain
Aimed primarily at Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers, this session provides an introduction to Biodiversity Net Gain and what its delivery means this in practical terms for construction projects. Also, it sets out how Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers can support developments to achieve Biodiversity Net Gain.
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Collaborative Planning
Increasing Efficiencies Through Lean Thinking
A session with School Partner BBI Services to understand how to increase efficiencies within your organisation through the concept of Lean thinking. It will explore things to consider that effect efficiency and the simple steps that can be taken to improve.
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Closing the Construction Productivity Gap and Raising the Performance Bar
Hear from British Land, Landsec, Lend Lease, Skanska, Mace and other leading construction clients and contractors on how they are using practical interventions to drive meaningful performance improvements on sites across the country.
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Reducing Waste Through Lean
Looking at what is meant by waste, how it can be identified and what steps can be taken to improve resource efficiency by the removal of waste in our processes.
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Procurement & Materials

Embedding Sustainable Procurement
Gain an understanding of Sustainable Procurement and the ISO20400 standard as a framework for embedding sustainability within your business and allow for ‘generated’ Social Value.
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Efficiencies in Materials Procurement
This session provides an overview of efficiencies to consider when procuring materials, including metal/rebar.
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Reducing Carbon in Concrete
A session discussing the Green Construction Board’s Low Carbon Concrete Routemap, which sets key targets for R&D and existing technologies and processes which are crucial for the transition.
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Strategies for Digital Innovation
Understand the basics of creating a digital strategy, the concept of dynamic capabilities and how to use data to drive better business outcomes.
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Cyber Security
As the construction industry becomes more reliant on digital processes, Cyber Security expert Mark Lodge describes how to minimise the very serious cyber risks to your business.
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An ISO 19650 Crash Course
BIM standards are essential for most AEC professionals to understand. If you haven't already read every page of the ISO 19650 standards (for BIM and information management), this webinar is perfect for you.
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Digital Technologies for Safe and Sustainable Homes
A virtual conference with researchers from Smart Construction Network's Centres of Excellence, discussing the digital technologies they are developing which could help improve the standard and safety of new and existing homes.
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Delivering Social Value through Offsite Construction
Hear from the authors of the 'Delivering Social Value through Offsite Construction' report on key findings and recommendations, followed by three roundtable discussions with experts from academia, consultancy, manufacture, design and construction, covering topics such as the benefits of offsite for social value, issues around local delivery, and how to measure and report on social value.
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DfMA in Practice: Small Projects
Case study presentations from Tonkin Liu, nHouse and UBuild on recent small projects, and the ways in which taking a Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) approach has enabled them to embed circular economy principles, empower communities, and create beautiful structures sensitive to their locality.
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Members and the School

Using the School to Deliver Business Benefits
Mitchellson, Gold Members on the School, are a company successfully using the School in their business - find out how they’re using it and what the impact has been.
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Uncover Your Key Member Benefits
This 30 minute session will introduce you to the School, what it is and why it's important, and will outline the free resources and functionality available to you as a Member.
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Carbon Calculator for Suppliers
Webinar covering an introduction to the Carbon Calculator and a live demo of the system, aimed at supplier organisations interested in the use of this system to calculate their organisation's carbon impact.
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