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Nature Recovery Group

Nature recovery must become a priority before it is too late

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This will require significant investment but also a changed mindset, recognising and quantifying the benefits for business and society as a whole. There is a huge amount to do. Making the built environment, its environs and the vast amounts of corporate or publicly owned and stewarded green and blue infrastructure fit for nature recovery must be a collaborative effort.

Encouragingly, demand for nature positive solutions is being stimulated by the legislative and policy driven path towards biodiversity net gain and equivalents.

However, that is not the whole story. It is not possible to achieve net zero without nature recovery, and it will not be possible to achieve nature recovery without biodiversity.

Clients, planners, designers, contactors, FM service providers, suppliers and service users throughout the built environment sector can help make this happen.

Better for the environment, better for productivity, better for wellbeing.

Biodiversity - Sustainability Short

This short animated film outlines why we need to be aware of and promote biodiversity in the built environment.

Biodiversity – Sustainability Short

Group Activities:

The Group over the next financial year will be devising together a business plan and a comprehensive work programme. We will be building a library of resources and organising events, so watch this space!

Meet the Team:

Mark and Grace are here to help get Partners involved with the Nature Recovery Group.

Mark Turner
Group Manager
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Grace O'Connell
Group Support
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Meeting Dates:

The next meeting date for the Nature Recovery Group has been set for 2023. Please see below for further details and the notes from the inaugural meeting.

 Date/ TimeLocation
21st November 2023, 10:00am-12:00pmMicrosoft Teams

Meeting Notes:

Download notes from any of the previous Nature Recovery Group meetings below.


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