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Environment Agency


About Us:

The Environment Agency is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

We work to create better places for people and wildlife, and support sustainable development.

Environment Agency; Reaching Net Zero by 2030
Take Action for the Sustainable Development Goals

EA 2025

Sustainability & Supply Chain:

The scale and pace of our changing climate means we need to think and work differently to minimise wildlife loss, reduce emissions and prepare for impacts like floods and droughts.

Our 5 Year Action Plan EA2025 sets out what we will do to face these challenges. Within this sits our sustainability plan, eMission2030 which is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

eMission2030 has four priorities requiring collaboration with our colleagues and suppliers:

  • Responding to the climate emergency – including reducing the carbon impacts produced through our use of raw materials
  • Becoming nature positive – playing our part in visible and measurable nature recovery
  • Delivering social equity – benefitting people and communities to tackle a broad range of social and economic sustainability issues
  • Adopting a circular approach – to ensure the products and services we use are the most socially and environmentally responsible throughout their lifecycle.

These pillars are underpinned by our Environment Protection and Compliance systems, to ensure our actions remain consistently compliant with environmental law and regulation.

Find out about our Learning Pathways:

Responding to the Climate Emergency
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Becoming Nature Positive
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Environmental Protection and Compliance
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Adopting a Circular Approach
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Delivering Social Equity
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Why a Partner?

Our supply chain accounts for 82% of our environmental impact which means we must work collaboratively with our suppliers to deliver our net zero carbon and wider sustainability ambitions. To help us achieve this, we signed up to the Supply Chain School. The School will help upskill both us and our supply chain, give us a platform to interact with our partners and other large infrastructure suppliers, and share evidence and learning.

““We believe in the Environment Agency’s mission: to create better places for people, wildlife and the environment. Signing up to the Supply Chain School means we can scale up and deliver sustainability innovation across our supply chain at a transformational pace.””
Van Griffiths, Deputy Director of Sustainable Business