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Becoming Nature Positive

The Environment Agency strives to become a nature positive organisation; playing our part in visible and measurable nature recovery in order to tackle the nature emergency. This means more than just reducing negative impacts and slowing down the rate of decline. It means improving all elements of environmental quality everywhere and proactively creating more and better areas for wildlife, through our own operations and those of our supply chain.

Net gain is an approach that aims to leave the natural environment in a better state through the development process, by restoring or creating environmental features that are of greater value to both people and wildlife.  Net gain is a broad term, and can refer to both biodiversity net gain and wider environmental net gain through taking a natural capital approach.

Through our learning pathways, the Environment Agency aims to support our staff, partners and suppliers to: 

  • Integrate the delivery of measurable nature recovery, using methods including environmental net gain and biodiversity net gain, across its operations
  • Prioritise use of nature-based solutions within its operations and regulatory activities
  • Quantify the economic and social advantages gained by enhancing nature.

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How to join – Instructions For Environment Agency staff:

To enrol in a pathway:

  1. Create an SCSS personal account
  2. Click on your personal profile. Under the heading ‘My Learning Pathways’, click ‘View available pathways’
  3. Use the search function to locate the relevant pathway, and click ‘Enrol’
  4. Begin your learning through clicking on ‘Enrolled pathways’ under your personal profile

For any questions on accessing the SCSS Learning Pathways, please contact Rosie Watts: [email protected]