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Digital Leadership

Digital leadership, strategy and the need to develop a culture of collaboration and innovation

Using digital to transform the construction process

Working with the CITB, Thames Tideway, Costain and Skanska and with the support of numerous industry contractors and suppliers, we have developed an interactive digital learning programme that will equip leaders with the skills to lead digital change.

Our Digital Leadership course won the Water Industry Awards 2022 for the ‘Skills and Workforce Initiative of Year’ in joint venture with VINCI Construction Grands Projects.

We saw the Digital leadership programme as a great resource to help us drive awareness further around digital for both Senior leaders and Heads of function in Sir Robert McAlpine in support of our business digital agenda”. Nick Leach – Head of Digital Construction, Sir Robert McAlpine

Find out more by downloading the course brochure below.

This course is available to SCSS Partners for free (limited availability) and also at a commercial rate.

Download Downloading a Digital Mindset Course Brochure


Leadership and management are often confused.

The School’s digital leadership resources explore these two activities in detail, focusing on what traits leaders need to deliver digital transformation effectively in their organisations.

The next stage in the digital revolution has begun. Having transformed retailing, publishing, travel and financial services, digital technology is changing the way we plan, build, maintain and use our social and economic infrastructure.

It is vital for the improved effectiveness of infrastructure delivery that we maximise the benefits of digital delivery. The Digital Leadership Course helps to bring those of us who aren’t expert digital practitioners more up to speed so that we can better understand this area and can more fully contribute to its future development.Roger Bailey – Chief Technical Officer, Tideway

Finalists: Construction News Awards 2022 in the Supply Chain Excellence category and Best Innovation category.

Improving your digital maturity

How do I develop the skills to embrace digital technologies?

Describing the various digital transformations of the construction industry.

Digital Transformation in Construction Industry

Unlocking construction’s digital future: A skills plan for industry

The CITB White Paper  – part of their ‘Changing Construction – Changing Skills’ programme – reported that:

“At the heart of digitalisation is a need for a digitally skilled workforce. Construction businesses not only need to be able to use technology, but to make the most of it. The right skills are a key catalyst for digital growth. This report examines what the current skills gap is and what is required to fill it.

There is a growing interest in the industry in the need to become digital but it doesn’t always know how to go about it. The sector’s vision of how to implement, recruit and fill the digital skill gap is unclear.”

The School’s resources help you understand:

  • What makes a good digital leader?
  • The risks and benefits of digital adoption
  • How to develop a digital strategy
Digital resources

Track your digital maturity

Be sure to try out the digital maturity assessment tool to benchmark your organisation’s digital skills against others in your sector and find out which of the School’s resources can help improve your digital capability.

You will need to have an organisational admin account in order to complete this.

take digital maturity assessment

The future is digital

Have a look at our latest digital leadership learning resources to help you on your digital construction journey.

Digital Leadership
Digital Leadership
Digital Leadership
Digital Leadership

Selected digital construction topics

In developing your approach to new technologies, you need to consider your digital strategy, how to make the business case for digital investment, the capabilities of your clients, suppliers and team, your technology choices and, of course, cyber security issues.

Business Case for Digital

Evaluating the benefits and value of digitalisation, including process improvement…

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How – and why – to understand the digital capability…

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Cyber Security

Cyber security is not just an IT issue, it’s the…

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Digital Adoption

Technology adoption through the project lifecycle.

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“Digital leadership is a critical factor in realising the promise of digital transformation and creating competitive advantage”
Dr Beth Morgan, Digital Outlook

Featured digital case studies

See what our partners are doing in digital construction.

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