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Responding to the Climate Emergency

The Environment Agency has publicly committed to reaching net zero by 2030. This means we will reduce our carbon emissions by at least 45%, while offsetting the rest through projects that benefit both people and the environment.

A necessary part of our climate ambition is achieving net zero carbon in our operations and supply chain, this being critical to reducing the amount of carbon we emit in line with the 1.5°C Paris Agreement warming limit.

Through our learning pathways, we aim to support our staff, partners and suppliers: 

  • Tackle the climate emergency by cutting carbon emissions – as individuals and as organisations.
  • Empower us and our peers to implement carbon reduction techniques across all of our work
  • Build a climate-resilient future through sharing organisational adaption strategies and embedding sustainable procurement

Learning modules include:

  • Embedding Sustainable Procurement (60 mins)
  • Reducing Carbon, Reducing Costs (30 mins)
  • Carbon Footprinting & Measurements (45 mins)
  • Carbon Reporting (45 mins)
  • Delivering Energy and Carbon Efficient Buildings (60 mins)

Further Learning Resources

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How to join – Instructions For Environment Agency staff

To enrol in a pathway:

  1. Create an SCSS personal account
  2. Click on your personal profile. Under the heading ‘My Learning Pathways’, click ‘View available pathways’
  3. Use the search function to locate the relevant pathway, and click ‘Enrol’
  4. Begin your learning through clicking on ‘Enrolled pathways’ under your personal profile

For any questions on accessing the SCSS Learning Pathways, please contact Rosie Watts: [email protected]