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SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK


SUEZ recycling and recovery UK has a proud history of delivering award-winning environmentally responsible recycling and waste management solutions to 25,000 customers across the public and private sector.

Operating in over 300 locations throughout the UK, from household waste recycling centres, transfer stations and landfills, to energy-from-waste facilities, SUEZ provides an extensive range of managed services. The company continues to pioneer innovative technologies for the UK’s circular economy and is building a sustainable future that doesn’t cost the earth.

Sustainability and Supply Chain

At SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, we continue to embed the triple bottom line in our business, balancing the interests of people, planet, and profit. As such, we are committed to improving the environmental, social, and economic impact of our supply chain year-on-year. In 2021, we generated £2.18 billion in social value and helped our customers avoid 1.27 million TeqCO₂ emissions.

Our supply chain is critical to the successful delivery of our objectives. We therefore work with suppliers that share our values and have sustainable practices within the community and environment in which we and they operate. We work in partnership with our suppliers to identify sustainable goods and services that will enable SUEZ to reduce its own resource consumption, in turn reducing our carbon emissions, as we journey towards net zero.

Why a Partner?

Being a partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability School will help us to achieve our social and environmental ambitions. By connecting with organisations that share our values, we aim to improve performance throughout the industry and contribute to developing best practice. By being a partner, we also aim to support our suppliers in embedding sustainability within their own organisations.