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Canary Wharf Group


Canary Wharf Group is a fully integrated property development, investment, construction and management group, with a workforce over the four sub-companies;

  • Canary Wharf Ltd. (CWL): provides executive guidance, administrative support and central business services for the Group driving our socio-economic development agenda with departments including Accounts, IT, Personnel, Legal, Office Leasing and the Press Office amongst others;
  • Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd. (CWCL): manages and delivers all of the Group’s construction projects in an integrated Project Manager/Main Contractor basis;
  • Canary Wharf Management Ltd. (CWML): undertakes management of our 97 acre estate, including 37 office buildings, over 300 shops, cafés, bars and restaurants; and
  • Level39 Ltd: This dynamic workspace, the world’s most connected tech community supports fast-growth businesses in three clear ways – giving access to world-class customers, talent and infrastructure
Sustainability and Supply Chain

As an integrated property developer, Canary Wharf Group is in a unique position to understand how a good design can help to create the cities of the future where people can thrive and prosper in a healthy environment. An expanding portfolio and population demands long-term thinking, so our targets we’ve set are long term and focus on collaboration, innovation and resilience.

We have a number of strategies in place across the business which supports our sustainability objectives for our supply chain.

Our ‘Responsible Procurement Strategy’ and ‘Sustainable Design and Construction Strategy’ aligns with the wider Sustainability Strategy. Our Supply Chain are responsible in achieving the targets set out, from the planning stage through to handover, to ensure delivery of projects in the most sustainable way possible.

Our ‘Sustainable Procurement Plan’ summarises our sustainable principles and aims to guide and monitor procurement practices of all Consultants, Suppliers and Trade Contractors working across all CWCL projects.

Aimed at the Supply Chain, the ‘Sustainable and Healthy Materials Brief’ includes material selection and procurement, paying attention to the environmental and health impacts of materials throughout their lifecycle to support CWG’s aspirations for environmental assessments.

Why a Partner?

Canary Wharf’s vision is to inspire positive impact, by creating places and communities that are healthy, thriving, sustainable and future-ready.

We understand that our supply chain are key to achieving this, so by being a Partner of the Supply Chain School, we are showing our commitment to our suppliers to equip them with the right tools and knowledge to enable them and us meet growing sustainability challenges, we as an industry are facing.

“We recognise that our supply chain is a vital factor for making sustainability real. That’s why we see such value in partnership with the School, and only by participating fully, will we all deliver more positive changes in the built environment.”
Martin Gettings – Canary Wharf Group Head of Sustainability

Canary Wharf Group's Key Resources

Sustainable Procurement
Waste and Resource Efficiency
Sustainability Strategy
Sustainability Strategy

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