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Mitsubishi Electric


With a reputation for excellence, Mitsubishi Electric offers an advanced range of cooling, heating, ventilation and controls solutions that provide accurate, energy efficient comfort to any type of building.

We understand the key legislative and carbon reduction challenges facing the UK and can help optimise building services so that they deliver the performance required whilst minimising carbon emissions and run costs.

At Mitsubishi Electric, we believe the way to optimum efficiency is through a ‘Lean, Mean, Green’ approach that achieves the right solution for each individual building: Lean – Reduce energy consumption; Mean – Deploy energy efficient products; Green – Incorporate low and zero carbon technologies.

Sustainability & Supply Chain

Mitsubishi Electric has targets to achieve net zero in our operations by 2050. We have a broad and complex supply chain which we plan on educating and upskilling via the school – using learning pathways to ensure our supply chain is informed and has access to the best resources available.

With embodied carbon becoming increasingly important to the construction industry, we believe that companies must do all they can to gather and report on this previously unrequired data, to help contextualise whole-life carbon. As a business that offers products to a diverse range of UK and Irish markets, we are focusing on the embodied carbon within those products and solutions so that we can help customers on their journey to net zero.

Why a Partner?

Our vision for the future is to improve sustainability throughout our organisation whilst also promoting net zero in the built environment. Engaging with the Supply Chain Sustainability School will be a key part of this journey to understanding the evolving best practices, guidance, and legislation-changing drivers within the markets where we and our customers operate.

Building additional competence is key to enhancing our reputation as a sustainable business partner. Sharing and promoting sustainability with our customers and the wider market also remains a priority that the Supply Chain Sustainability School and its learning resources will support in achieving.

“We are all on the road to Net Zero, but we need to work collaboratively to get to get there. The Supply Chain Sustainability School has proven to be a leading light in this goal, bringing together key and integral parts of the construction supply chain to share knowledge and drive towards reaching our objectives. We are pleased to be Partners of the school as we work to achieve a more sustainable and low carbon construction industry.”
Martin Fahey, Head of Sustainability, Mitsubishi Electric UK & Ireland