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National Grid


Bring energy to life.

National Grid is one of the world’s largest investor-owned energy companies, committed to delivering electricity and gas safely, reliably and efficiently to the customers and communities we serve.

Supplier Code of Conduct

National Grid is proud of the role it plays in society and keenly aware of the potential it has to be a force for good. We strive to be a responsible business, treating people fairly and ensuring that the impact of work undertaken on the environment is minimised.

Our purpose is to Bring Energy to Life

Our vision is We will exceed the expectations of our customers, shareholders and communities today and make possible the energy systems of tomorrow.

We are already seeing changes in our energy system as a more renewable and decentralised generation is introduced. We play an active role in helping shape the energy landscape.

Our values are ‘Do the right thing’ and ‘Find a better way’.

The purpose, vision and values are powerful tools to build trust, by demonstrating the commitment to the societies being served is genuine; not only through our traditional services, but also championing the kind of change that facilitates progress and meaningfully improves lives.

Sustainability and Supply Chain

Sustainability is helping us find a better way to do business; saving money, reducing environmental impact and building strong relationships with our local communities and stakeholders.

Our environmental sustainability framework identifies three themes: our climate commitment; responsible resource use; and, caring for our natural environment.

We also recognise that a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture can bring significant value to our business, so we want to attract applicants from under-represented groups. This also extends into our supply chain which is key to delivering our project commitments.

Fundamentally we don’t just supply power to our communities, we are part of them. A strong community is good for the people who live there, good for our business and good for the wider economy.

We aim to apply the same principles of responsibility and sustainability to our wider operational scope and significant activity is being undertaken within the procurement function with a strong focus on supply chain CSR and sustainability.

We have a value operating model that outlines the strategic areas being addressed to embed CSR and sustainability into the supply chain.

Our Contribution

Why a Partner?

We are passionate about operating our business in a responsible way and making sure sustainability shapes our thinking and decision-making. We also recognise that we need to use our position in the industry to engage our supply chain to meet our vision.

National Grid was a founding member of the School supporting the approach that we need to work with our supply chain to deliver real change.

As an infrastructure Partner in the School we are involved in many of the working groups and make active use of the resources and tools available to inform our approach to managing sustainability.

We believe that working in partnership with our supply chain is the best way to make things happen at scale.

UK Reduction of Capital Carbon in Infrastructure: Transmission (ROCCIT)

National Grid Transmission, Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks Transmission and Scottish Power Energy Networks Transmission have formed a collaborative group – UK ROCCIT (UK Reduction of Capital Carbon in Infrastructure: Transmission) in order to address and manage the capital carbon emissions associated with developing our networks. As each company supports the low carbon transition through the development of a transmission network which will support the integration of renewables onto the grid, it is increasingly important to consider the carbon emissions associated with building this infrastructure.

The aim of the ROCCIT group is to develop a consistent approach and common methodologies to managing capital carbon emissions and to collaboratively work with our supply chain in a consistent way to create an industry wide approach to managing capital carbon emissions.

UK ROCCIT Supplier Letter

An introduction to UK ROCCIT and our position on tackling capital carbon in infrastructure.

UK Transmission Operator Carbon Product Calculator

UK Transmission Operator Guidance Document

A spreadsheet tool and associated guidance document to be used by electrical equipment suppliers, which provides an easy way to develop carbon footprints for electrical equipment supplied to the UK Transmission Network.

“These are exciting times, both for our industry and for National Grid. Change is occurring rapidly all around us and it’s important that we respond to this change in a unified way. ”
John Pettigrew, CEO