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We design, build and manage the facilities that improve everyday life.

VINCI Construction UK recognise that to continue to be successful, they must remain at the forefront of setting new standards for the delivery and operation of the built environment. These standards will reflect the carbon agenda, their social responsibility, their commitment to employee engagement and the highest standards of health and safety, certainty of cost, value for money and customer satisfaction.

VINCI continue to actively develop mutually beneficial relationships with all those with whom they do business. They regularly review their business processes with a view to improving quality and productivity, thereby enhancing their ability to create value, whilst at the same time working to achieve the aspirations of sustainable development. In support of this, all areas of the business are encouraged to innovate and share knowledge in the pursuit of a continual drive for excellence.

To deliver these new standards of performance, VINCI continue to invest in research, development and innovation to introduce environmentally sustainable solutions to the construction process. In fact, VINCI Technology Centre UK Ltd. is the largest in Europe to supply practical and technical support to the construction industry.