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National Highways Supply Chain Development


We are the government company charged with operating, maintaining and improving England’s motorways and major A roads. Our road network totals around 4,300 miles – carrying a third of all traffic by mileage and two thirds of all heavy goods traffic.

We work to provide free-flowing, safe, serviceable, accessible, and integrated roads. Our network helps drive economic growth across the country, creating jobs, supporting businesses, and opening areas for development.

We are committed to cutting our carbon footprint, and fully support government’s drive to achieve net-zero carbon by 2050. On 19 July 2023, we launched our Carbon in Contracts Policy which supports the integration of net zero into our construction and maintenance contracts and ensures that all construction related contracts, including design contracts, meet the construction related aims of the Net Zero Highways 2030-2050 Plan. The policy will be reflected in the National Highways Model Contracts Scope and conditions of contract.

Access the National Highways Learning Pathways (scroll down) to enrol and complete learning of strategic importance for our supply chain. Hear Nicola Bell, Executive Director, Major Projects who sets out in this short video why our new Learning Pathway on Productivity and PPC links in to our focus on lean, quality, productivity and predictability in our 2024 Training Programme through the School.

Access the National Highways Carbon Hub (Note this is a sharepoint file and you will need to follow multifactor authentication and then request access to the hub). The hub includes: the Carbon Management System, Low Carbon Opportunity Register and supporting resources and a link to the Carbon Emissions Calculations Tool. For more information or any help with access to the hub email [email protected].

View the National Highways Improving Quality in Construction Charter here explaining why quality is integral to how National Highways manages, maintains and improves the strategic road network to make journeys safer, smoother and more reliable. Then complete the NEW Quality Learning Pathway to demonstrate your knowledge in this key area.

Scroll down to see all NEW National Highways Supply Chain Learning Pathways which you can complete in your own time.

Scroll down on this page to view the new National Highways Carbon Net Zero Plans and the Category Management Plans, E-Learning Modules and Workshop and Webinar Resources (downloadable slides and videos of training events)


RDP Meet the Buyers 2023

Download Meet the Buyers 2023 Plenary, Workshops and Scheme Presentation Recordings and Presentation Slides here


As a responsible road operator, we recognise that, while roads are essential for society and the economy, their use does present environmental challenges. Therefore we avoid or reduce adverse environmental impacts wherever possible.

As one of England’s largest landowners, we are proud of the work we do to look after the wildlife that lives alongside our network, and to protect and improve the environment for future generations. We aim to achieve no net loss of biodiversity across all our activities.

In June 2023 we published Connecting The Country: Our Long Term Strategic Plan to 2050 which will inform our investment planning for each future Road Period toward 2050.

In May 2023, we launched our Environmental Sustainability Strategy to deliver a more sustainable road network to protect and enhance the environment over the next three decades focusing on three key areas: the protection and enhancement of nature, carbon reduction and support for community health and wellbeing. Watch our  Biodiversity for Highways Webinar 

In October 2022 we released our Social Value Plan 2022-2024, showcasing how we deliver and measure social value – and the ways we will maximise benefit to communities, our people and our customers.

National Highways supports and is working with its supply chain as set out in the Government’s Economic Crime Plan 2023 to 2026.

Join the National Highways Roads Academy Community here

Environmental Sustainability Strategy
Click here
Net Zero Strategy
Click here
Our work in the environment
Click here
Social Value Plan 2022-2024
Click here
Connecting the Country: Our Long-Term Strategic Vision to 2050
Click here
Contract Awareness
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Supplier Development System – Creating a Sustainable Supply Chain

Click here to find out more

We have worked with several prime contractor supplier partners and the Supply Chain Sustainability School to develop a Supplier Development System (SDS), available to all materials, services and sub-contract suppliers working directly or indirectly in our supply chain.

This consists of a Self Assessment and linked Action Plan to drive individual / organisation learning.

The SDS is not linked to any commercial or procurement decision-making process. Its intention is to help develop a understanding of National Highways priorities and how the supply chain can best align to these.

Topics included in the Supplier Development System are:

  • Health, Safety & Wellbeing
  • Leadership & collaboration
  • Efficiency & effectiveness
  • Supply chain
  • Net zero carbon & sustainability
  • Social Value

Suppliers complete a self-assessment then receive an action plan to help build more sustainability knowledge.

Click here to find out more and enrol on the supplier development system.

Supply Chain Opportunities, Carbon Net Zero Plans and Category Procurement Strategies

Carbon Net Zero Plans:

National Highways has published a series of carbon plans which are a vital tool in cutting carbon through concrete and cement, drainage, landscaping, pavement, plant and earthworks, road markings, road restraint systems, structural steel, traffic management and trees. Please note that these strategies are often updated, so please always refer to the versions hosted on this site rather than download them.


Concrete and Cement Carbon Net Zero Plan
More info
Drainage Carbon Net Zero Plan
More info
Landscaping Carbon Net Zero Plan
More info
Pavement Carbon Net Zero Plan
More info
Plant and Earthworks Carbon Net Zero Plan
More info
Road Markings Carbon Net Zero Plan
More info
Road Restraint Systems Carbon Net Zero Plan
More Info
Structural Steel Carbon Net Zero Plan
More info
Temporary Accommodation Carbon Net Zero Plan
Traffic Management Carbon Net Zero Plan
More info
Trees Carbon Net Zero Plan
More info

Category Procurement Strategies:

Our Strategic Procurement Strategies are tailored to key challenges in their respective categories.  They address our key challenges and provide solutions based around our main imperatives of safety, customer service and delivery.

Please see below links to the Strategic Procurement Strategies. Please note that these strategies are often updated, so please always refer to the versions hosted on this site rather than download them.


More info
Concrete Structures
More info
More info
More info
More info
General Plant
More info
More info
Landscape and Ecology
More info
More info
Noise Barriers
More info
More info
Road Markings
More info
Road Restraint Systems
More info
Specialist Surface Treatments
More info
Structural Steel
More info
Temporary Accommodation Strategic Procurement Strategy
Click here
More info

National Highways Supply Chain Learning Pathways

We have developed the following Learning Pathways below for our supply chain. These are self-enrol for any individual School member to sign up and complete the pathways which each contain short resources which you can complete in your own time. Completing these pathways enables you to demonstrate an increase in your knowledge in these key areas for the National Highways supply chain. the NEW pathways cover priority areas of supplier learning for 2023-24:

NEW - Quality for Highways

NEW - Compensation Events

NEW - Business Improvement, Productivity and PPC (Percent Plan Complete)

NEW - Business Improvement and PPC - User Guidance for Suppliers

NEW - Productivity and Lean Construction

Sustainability and Net Zero Pathway

Core 1 Pathway

Core 2 Pathway

Supplier Development System Pathway (company level)

Customer Experience - Strategic Procurement

Customer Experience - Roadworks

Customer Experience - Supplier Customer Maturity

FIR Pathway Level 1

FIR Pathway Level 2

Social Value 1 Pathway

Social Value 2 Pathway

NEW - An Introduction to Health and Safety

Supporting Major Projects and Framework Supply Chains

Click below to access more information on National Highways major projects.

Regional Delivery Partnership (RDP)
The sustainability support programme for RDP is being actively supported by the following Delivery Integration Partners (DIPs): Amey SRM JV, Balfour Beatty, BAM Nuttall, Costain, Galliford Try, Graham, Griffiths Farrans JV, Kier, Octavius Infrastructure, Keltbray, Skanska, Volkerfitzpatrick.
Click here to find out more
Scheme Delivery Framework (SDF)
The National Highways Scheme Delivery Framework (SDF), established in 2021, brings together 50 supply chain partners to carry out up to £3.6 billion worth of renewals to keep England’s motorways and major A roads running safely and smoothly over a 6 year period.
Click here to find out more
Smart Motorways Programme Alliance (SMP Alliance)
The Smart Motorways Alliance brings together Fluor, WSP, Jacobs Engineering, Costain, Balfour Beatty, and Bam Nuttall/Morgan Sindall Joint Venture to design and deliver a smart motorway programme over a 10 year period.
Click here to find out more
Lower Thames Crossing (LTC)
The Lower Thames Crossing is the most ambitious road scheme since the M25, linking Kent, Thurrock and Essex.
Click here to find out more
Pavement Delivery Framework
The National Highways Pavement Delivery Framework (PDF), announced in 2022, brings together 12 supply chain partners to carry out up to £1.3 billion worth of contracts to maintain road surfaces on motorways and A roads in England.
Click here to find out more
Roads Academy Community
Roads Academy is a joint initiative between National Highways and the supply chain to develop current and future leaders.
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Other support from National Highways

Commercial Mobilisation
We are changing the way we commercially mobilise our projects from a traditional single source supply chain focus to a joined up integrated project team approach.
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Customer Service
At National Highways our customers are the people who use, or are affected by, our roads and services. We all have a part to play in delivering great customer service and improving our customers’ experiences.
Click here
Good Design
We are prioritising high-quality and sustainable design to deliver the biggest investment in the strategic road network for a generation. Find out how sustainability and climate change are central to our approach – and our 10 principles of good road design.
Click here
Health, Safety and Wellbeing
The National Highways Supply Chain Safety Leadership Group was formed to give focus to improving safety performance across the National Highways road network through collaborative working and providing a unified voice of the sector.
Click here
Lean Construction
Lean is a systematic method for the elimination of inefficiency. National Highways has developed a Lean Toolkit to support our contractors and their supply chain companies.
Click here
Social Value Tool
At National Highways, our work to connect the country goes beyond operating, maintaining and improving the Strategic Road Network.
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Quality and Get It Right Initiative
National Highways strives for the highest quality standards across its operations. GIRI is a group of industry experts, organisations and businesses dedicated to improving productivity, quality, sustainability and safety in UK construction. National Highways is a member of GIRI and aims to create a working culture that gets it right from the start, engaging all stakeholders in eliminating error from inception, to completion.
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Contract Awareness
National Highways are working to raise awareness and increase the Supply Chain’s understanding of our standard model contracts.
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For more information on our work with the Supply Chain School please contact:

Andrew Wilson [email protected]

(07736 685588)


National Highways Supplier Development Group Leader

Stefan Jastak [email protected]

(07857 663191)