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Social Value

“Social value” is an issue that has risen in prominence since the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, and is an issue that many companies had addressed previously and badged as ‘community benefit’, social sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

School Partners have prepared a briefing paper, aimed at their supply chain members, which explains what social value means to them, why it matters and how companies can generate social value. The briefing paper is intended to help supply chain members to help partners to meet client expectations around social value. It touches on issues such as legislation, impact and context, monetisation, metrics and indicators.   


E-learning modules:

  1. What is Social Value?
  2. Monitoring and measuring Social Value

Industry briefing paper:

  1. The briefing paper
  2. Appendix 1 to the briefing paper
  3. Appendix 2 to the briefing paper?

The following case studies illustrate exactly how partners have delivered social value from specific projects (please click on the links for more):

  1. "Addressing local issues of homelessness and unemployment" BAM social value case study
  2. "Supporting local people to ‘Get into Construction'" BAM social value case study
  3. "Community Engagement: King’s Cross Zone B" BAM social value case study
  4. "Case study: Manchester City Football Academy" BAM social value case study
  5. "KELP Environmental Labour Apprentices" Taylor Woodrow case study
  6. "Reading from the Start" VINCI Facilities social value case study
  7. "Win-Win with Local Scout Centre" VINCI Facilities social value case study
  8. "Liverpool school team inspires new generation" Morgan Sindall social value case study
  9. Willmott Dixon Foundation Annual Review 2015

If you are interested in social value by design, please visit our Social Value by Design page.

If you are interested in the Common Social Value Framework for Rail, please visit the page here