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Homes Leadership Group Update


Published 01st Jul 21 - by sophiecoyle

The Supply Chain Sustainability School Homes leadership group represents a collaboration of homebuilders and their key suppliers. The group is comprised of procurement and sustainability leads from partner organisations, including the top 10 UK homebuilders, alongside the Home Builders Federation and CITB. Together, this group lead and steer the direction of the Homes market within the School.

A key focus for the group this year is to harness the opportunity to work collaboratively to upskill the supply chain and create some common sustainability learning pathways for groundworks companies.

2 pathways are in development as follows:

  • Level 1 provides a quick overview of all those high priority sustainability issues relevant to groundworks companies using a range of sustainability shorts and toolbox talks, together with the interactive e-learning module on Sustainability in Groundworks. It explains what the issues are, why they’re important, together with handy hints and practical tips on how to address them. The pathway will be suitable for anyone working in a groundworks company, including new entrants, procurement, site managers, bid teams, plant, engineering.
  • Level 2 provides a more detailed insight into those high priority sustainability issues relevant to groundworks companies. It explains what the issues are, the business case, client drivers and expectations, together with practical advice on how to tackle these. Target job roles include senior managers, procurement, site managers, business development and plant teams.

Are you a groundworks company? If so, we’d love to discuss these pathways with you and get your views before we launch them later in the year. Contact Emma Jane Allen.