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Algeco Europe, is the market leader in modular space and secure storage solutions.

Thousands of customers throughout the UK choose to hire or buy from Elliott. Our range of solutions, national branch network and availability of modular space creates the ideal solution whatever your project. Our industry experience is unrivalled and we’ve provided solutions for all market sectors with our market knowledge and reputation gained from over 50 years’ experience. With the widest range and the largest number of products and services Elliott provides everything you need to accommodate your workers, visitors and customers. No other supplier in our industry has the capabilities of Elliott.

Offsite Manufacture

Our market leading solutions include: Permanent off-site building solutions using modern methods of construction cutting traditional build time in half. Elliott off-site building solutions provide flexible design options and 60 years design life.

With the widest range of solutions and the largest number of products in the portable and modular buildings industry Elliott really is the automatic choice for many users when they need to hire or buy portable accommodation. No matter whether you need to hire a secure storage container, portable cabin for a single worker or modular building for a large workforce Elliott can provide a number of temporary, semi-permanent and permanent building solutions. Our modular building solutions provide wide open workspaces for use as offices, teaching space or welfare facilities. Alternatively, modular buildings can consist of a large open plan area and a mix of smaller rooms. Our portable cabins provide an instant solution that can be delivered to your site from your local Elliott hire branch and be ready for immediate use.

Why a Partner?

We are delighted to be working with the Supply Chain Sustainability School to create the very latest in sustainable environments and are excited to see out offerings develop as we learn. Our clients want the very best and we want to provide this both small scale, and in the bigger picture for larger sites and developments.