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We’re here to take the built environment forward, at pace.

Network Rail’s Birmingham Gateway Strategy

We have the ability to help businesses improve, get better at what they do, reduce their costs, get their projects completing on time and in budget, with less waste and smarter ways to do things, aided by some clever bits of technology.

We recognise and understand the challenges in the industry. Quality and productivity need to improve, margins can be tight and projects often overrun. But we can help with all of that.

We work in collaboration with our clients, with an engaging practical approach, focused on people and completely tailored for each client’s requirements.

All of which means you, your colleagues and most importantly your end users could be a lot happier. And the happier your customers are, the more they will seek your help going forward.

Sustainability and Supply Chain

At LC International, everything we do is focused on eliminating waste in the built environment which includes sustainability factors and optimising processes for efficiency and productivity. Organisations improving quality, productivity, safety and programmes, both within their teams and throughout their supply chain, contributes to the industry becoming more sustainable.

Developing supply chains, from end to end, and determining the most effective and efficient processes drives us to achieve economic, environmental and social impacts.

Our expertise brings best practice from successful industries, supports MMC and is designed to ensure sustainability across the supply chain is a key focus.

Also, as a business we are taking the digital transformation forward and are deploying systems to generate improvements in our own environmental impact plus recruiting from various pools of resources.

Why a Partner?

Driving best practice into the built environment and accelerating performance improvement requires extensive collaboration. We became a partner of the school because we share important values and purpose in identifying opportunities for shared learning and working together to improve the sector.

The school provides invaluable access to resources and knowledge to equip the supply chain and a platform for us to develop new approaches and pathways. It gives LC International a fantastic opportunity to share our expertise and knowledge with the partners & sector. We’re very proud to become a partner.

“The concept of Lean is a management culture which is striving for continuous improvement. This, linked with an in-depth knowledge of where to make improvement in construction, significantly improved the productivity of the handset stone installations on the Chelsea Barracks project. LC International made a real difference to this critical strand of works and enabled programme mitigation measures, associated with these works.”
Richard Thorpe, Director - Mace

Lean Construction International's Key Resources

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Introduction to Lean
Introduction to Lean
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