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Berkeley Group


The Berkeley Group builds beautiful, successful and sustainable homes and places in London, Birmingham and the South of England. We work together with trusted partners to tackle the shortage of good quality homes, and make a lasting contribution to the landscape and to the communities we help create.

The Berkeley Group is made up of six autonomous companies: Berkeley, St George, St James, St Edward (joint venture with Prudential), St William (joint venture with National Grid) and St Joseph.

Sustainability and Supply Chain

We aspire to being a world-class business, defined by the quality of the places we create, generating long-term value and having a positive impact on society. To ensure that we remain firmly focused on achieving our goal, our strategic plan is articulated through the framework of Our Vision. Our Vision is structured around five areas of focus: customers, homes, places, operations and our people, and is underpinned by our company values.

We have made a number of commitments to reduce our impacts across our operations covering aspects such as resource efficiency, considerate construction and responsible sourcing. Within Our Vision we also recognise the importance of working collaboratively with our supply chain as they are crucial to helping us deliver our sustainability goals.

Why a Partner?

The Supply Chain Sustainability School has a wealth of materials and resources which help provide consistent messaging on sustainability to the supply chain, at no cost to the supplier. We are delighted to support this excellent resource.


“We are focused on reducing the environmental and social impacts of our business, and recognise the valuable role that our supply chain plays in helping us achieve this. We are delighted to support the Supply Chain Sustainability School’s resources to help our suppliers reduce the impacts of their products and services.”
Lorraine Fursland, Head of Responsible Business