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Documents and Policies

Do the Right Thing

The Carey Group has two core offerings which relate to the services by Careys and BDL which are summarised below:


  • Development of design, digital and construction engineering solutions
  • Delivery of demolition, cut and carve and façade retention
  • Site remediation and enabling works
  • Provision of a project’s infrastructure and all civil engineering elements
  • Construction of complex basements, substructures and concrete superstructures
  • Creation of public realms and provision of hard landscaping


  • Installation of dry lining and suspended ceilings
  • Screeding of floors within buildings
  • Design and fit out of washrooms
Sustainability & Supply Chain

Our vision as a business is ‘to be the most trusted and socially responsible construction company that people and proud to work with’.

Our strategy revolves around three strategic goals of:

  1. Great Place to Work
  2. Operational Excellence
  3. Partner of Choice

To enable our vision we know that sustainability is the golden thread and we to be successful our approach must be sustainable and simply become the way we operate.

Our sustainability focus is on the following key areas, we call this the Carey Group 3C’s :

Why a Partner?

Our values of care, passion, humility, and authenticity align closely with the schools. We recognise the fact that we cannot achieve our vision alone and our clients and supply chain partners are critical to help us move in the right direction. The school offers the opportunity to share and learn with the whole of our value chain on a gross scale.

“The supply chain sustainability school is the ‘go to’ resource for our industry and we have used many of the resources for a number of years. We recognise the value not only to us but the fact this resource is free and easily accessible to our supply chain. The Carey Group is also ready to take the next steps and ensure we support as a partner of the school to not only continue to use and share but also proactively get involved in the various groups to help shape what the school looks like going forward. It’s exciting times for all!”
Paul Johnson – HSSQ Director

Carey's Recommended Resources

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