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Certas Energy


Certas Energy is the largest distributor of fuel and lubricants in the UK

Sustainability Statement

Our cross-sector expertise, extensive supply network and commitment to safety and sustainability keeps our customers moving – all year round.

We have a culture of strong safety and compliance principles, driven by our dedicated Safety F1rst and Doing the Right Thing (compliance) initiative.

Health and safety is paramount to our business ethos – it is fundamental to good business performance, and integral to long-term business success.

Our diverse customer base includes rural residential customers, small, medium and large businesses, agricultural businesses and family farms. In addition, we have specialist sector teams for aviation, marine, fuel retailing and lubricant customers.

We are a major supplier of transport fuel through our branded fuel cards business. In addition we offer lubricant products to all commercial sectors and offer other complementary services, including boiler servicing and maintenance, tanks, additives and specialist fuels.

Sustainability and Supply Chain

From improved fuel consumption, lower emissions and alternative energy sources, organisations within the supply chain are rapidly looking for solutions and alternatives to fuel their energy transition that enables a real and lasting impact on the environment and their operations.

We work with customers to support their energy transition and ensure it is right for them now and in the future. As no business is the same, we aim to provide the right products and services that drive efficiencies, lower emissions and costs, together with collaborative partnerships that share expert guidance on exploring alternative cleaner energy and technologies to fuel and manage their fleets.

Why a Partner?

Becoming a partner of the school enables our team to collaborate with industry leading businesses. It helps us to better understand and address the shared challenges and opportunities presented in achieving ambitious sustainability targets and insight to provide the right energy transition options.

We are committed to engaging our supply chain in our sustainability strategy, and the school provides a wealth of online tools, resources, and event to ensure we are meeting best practice guidelines.

Air Quality case study
Working with Jackson Civil Engineering and Environment Agency to improve local air quality.
FAME case study
Solving fuel FAME issues with cleaner burning diesel alternative with Pinden Recycling
Fuel case study
Fuelling low emission operations with Power Plane
Red Diesel Tax Guidance
Red Diesel Tax Guidance 2

“We are proud to fuel the future success of our customers by helping them to meet their environmental goals during this important energy transition. We achieve this in diverse ways, from exploring cleaner alternative fuels to providing expert advice on improving fuel efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and navigating legislative changes. We are right there on the journey with our customers, with our own targets of net zero emissions by 2050 and a 20% reduction in carbon emissions by 2025. Joining the School expands on and confirms our commitment to these goals, and we look forward to collaborating with other like-minded partners in this next step on our journey.”
Angus Blundell, Director of Corporate Affairs, Certas Energy