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Colas Rail


Colas Rail UK is a leading railway contractor, delivering essential renewals and multidisciplinary turnkey projects across the UK.

Sustainability and Safety is at the heart of our operations, with our goal to deliver an efficient infrastructure optimised to meet the needs of its clients and to put the passenger first.  Our success is built upon our ability to harness the best of our supply chain and to build professional, collaborative relationships based on performance that ensures people get home safe every day.

At Colas Rail UK we provide services that encompass the entire life cycle of railway infrastructure: design, construction and maintenance.

We also provide a number of essential railway services, including a bustling freight division as a sustainable alternative to road haulage.

Sustainability & Supply Chain

Colas Rail are committed to a proactive sustainable development approach in our purchasing, which is an important component of our activities.

We embedded sustainability into our business processes and behaviours and consider our impact on the environment, and local communities aiming to create a circular economy. We acknowledge that we need the support of our supply chain as they are intrinsic to our performance and can deliver resource efficiencies, low carbon solutions and reduce our whole life impacts but only if they have the support, knowledge, capability and capacity to do so.

Why a Partner?

We will embrace being a Partner in the School firstly as it allows us to collaborate with other industry partners, secondly because our suppliers are supported by the school and work with us on our sustainability journey and thirdly to keep our staff updated on all relevant issues utilising the vast Supply Chain Sustainability School resources.

Case Studies

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